Pink Gin Exists So Excuse Me While I Jump In My Barbie Hot Tub With A Bottle


My self isolation life involves these three things – pilates, crying, and drinking at 4pm. I’m getting really creative with the drinking part, trying new wines and spirits, making cocktails, etc. So when I saw this PINK GIN, and how pretty it looks in a nice glass, I got very excited.

It’s called Baby, and it’s made by a 100% female-owned Melbourne-based company, and is small batch distilled in Victoria.


It’s not just a gimmick – Baby gin has an array of botanicals all considered for their complementary flavours, such as pink rose petals, raspberry leaf, chamomile, lemon verbena, and juniper.

The brand calls the finishing vibe “Roseberry”, but emphasises it’s not super sweet. The best bit? It’ll stay pink even when you add your mixers.

If you’re keen, Baby are offering Pedestrian readers 10% off their first purchase using PEDESTRIAN10. HOW GOOD.