Merivale Has Launched A Delivery Service With Ready-Made Dishes From Yr Fave Kitchens

If you’ve been stinging for a feed from Sydney’s best kitchens like Mr. Wong, Vinnie’s Pizza and Fred’s, Merivale has just launched its own At Home service, delivering ready-made meals from some of the group’s best eateries as well as a sommelier-curated wine or cocktail package right to your door in Sydney’s metro area.

Merivale At Home starts with a rotating list of five menus from various cult kitchens, also including Totti’s and Bert’s Bar & Brasserie, turning the dishes you’ve been missing at fancy dinners out into cooked and packed meals that you can pull together at home. Absolutely get the nice wine glasses and the fancy plates out for this one, mates.

Each dish is made pretty much good to go, but you can still flex your cooking skills because there’s a couple of last things that need to get done before you plate up like a pro chef. Go on, flick that tea towel over your shoulder. You’re a serious at-home chef now, baby!

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The launch week’s menus are now online over at the Merivale At Home website, including the wood-fired bread, burrata, and linguine with spinach pesto from Tottis, king prawn wontons, special fried rice, kung pao chicken, and steamed Barra fillet from Mr. Wongs, prime rib, duck liver pate, and those fucked-up-good brioche rolls from Bert’s Bar, pizzy and delicious charcuterie from Vinnie’s, and an entirely vego menu from Fred’s.

Each of the menus is rounded out with Ben Greeno’s choccy mousse, because you absolutely deserve a little sweet treat for spending so much time at home. You’re doing great, keep at it.

If you’re a bit more adventurous in the kitchen, or you really need to give those restless, idle hands something to do, Merivale At Home is also selling and delivering produce boxes, which you can turn into some masterpieces at home. There are seasonal fruit and veggie boxes with notes on what’s what and how to use them, as well as meat and seafood boxes to choose from, so you can go Full Chef at home and pretend you 100% know what you’re doing.