Apparently There Are 4 Main Work Communication Styles, So Here’s How To Find Out Yours

The Office - Dwight - Work communication style

Ever heard of the five love languages? If you haven’t go take the quiz immediately, it’s fun IMO. There’s actually a similar theory for the main types of communication styles at work.

Depending on where you look, they’ll be given slightly different names, but they all boil down to the same four categories.

1. Aggressive

We’ve all dealt with an aggressive communicator and it’s…not fun. If this is you, you’ll often raise your voice, maintaining eye contact that’s far more intense than polite and attempt to control work situations by blaming, intimidating, criticizing, threatening or attacking co-workers.

Sorry mate, but you kinda suck. If any of these things sound like you, please keep reading to find out where a good communication balance lies.

2. Passive

On the other hand, you don’t really want to be the doormat. If you’re a passive communicator you’re way more likely to give in to the ideas and demands of your co-workers.

You’ll often be bad at eye contact and not really know how to say ‘no’ – but then you complain that people never consider your feelings. Learn to stand up for yourself so people know where you’re coming from.

3. Passive-Aggressive

Are the passive-aggressive ones worse than the aggressive ones? As someone who’s fairly assertive and doesn’t mind having a discussion about differing points of view, I say yes.

Why? Because you’re the type who goes along with everything but then feels super resentful that no-one is following your lead. You’ll mutter under your breath instead of letting someone know what’s up – but how the heck is a person meant to know they’re doing something wrong if you won’t let them know (in a professional manner, ofc).

4. Assertive

Here we have the holy grail. You’re an open communicator with your own ideas, but you’re also able to effectively hear other people’s ideas and feedback.

Essentially it means you have the ability to be decisive, take responsibility, and listen effectively – which is pretty sure to gain you the respect of your co-workers. Good for you, Glen Coco.

Not sure which one you are? I found you a fun internet quiz right here, because who doesn’t love one of those?