There comes a certain point in one’s job hunt where desperation sets in. You’re either appearing more despo than those housewives on Wisteria Lane, or you start looking like a big old grump who’s above it all simply because you’re sick of a million interviews.

You’re not doing yourself any favours either way – in fact, you’re probably making damn sure you’ll have to keep doing a bunch more interviews. SO take a deep breath and give these tips a gander to see if you’re making yourself look desperate before you continue of your job-hunting journey.

1. You’re applying to everything

I know we sometimes find ourselves in situations that don’t afford us the luxury of being too selective in our job hunt, but you should absolutely keep some sort of criteria in place.

You’re not right for every job and every job isn’t right for you. You’re going to fatigue a lot faster spending time and energy on those jobs that are obviously not a match for you.

2. You’re not asking real questions

Interviews are as much about you getting to know the company/role and deciding if it suits you as it is about employers deciding if you suit them.

Ask real questions about the culture, pay, expectations, etc etc, instead of just trying to impress your interviewer. Obviously still keep them sensible, but defs do ask them.

3. You’re chasing too hard

I would hope it goes without saying that once you send out an application, you don’t reach out again unless they do. However, I’m almost certain that we all have.

If you actually secure an interview you have more leeway to contact them afterward, but please be chill about it. Thank you emails are cute, a casual inquiry if you haven’t heard from them at least two weeks after they said they’d let you know either way are also acceptable. Anything more constant or soon than that is a no-go.

Basically, apply the same principle with job hunting as you should with dating – don’t keep texting if they’re not hitting you back.

4. You’re letting nerves take over

My Dad used to say this thing about nerves be natural and perfectly ok as long as you used them for good (aka to push you to prepare more and try harder) and didn’t let them go bad.

‘Bad’ nerves are those ones that keep you from speaking in coherent sentences, agreeing to things you wouldn’t normally agree to and basically turning into one big mess. It might be a sign that you need to give yourself a little break.

No matter how long a job hunt is taking, remember that it’s normal. It can be one hellava drought, but when it finally rains, it pours.

Image: Parks & Rec