The Top 4 Aussie Start-up Sectors Have Been Announced & It’s Time To Get Into Astrology

Move over white-picket fence and a steady job for 50 years – creating a start-up is basically the new ‘Aussie dream’.

If you’re hoping to hop on the start-up train, you’re probably already aware you need to do a heck of a lot of research to find a stellar idea that people will actually want.

A good place to start is probably with the top four sectors for start-up success identified by 99designs.

In truly 2020 news, astrology is absolutely one of these industries.

Downloaded Co-star recently? Personally, I’ve subscribed to The Pattern. I’m not even going to feel shame for that because it was already a $2.1 billion dollar industry, which is probably what attracted business-minded folks to invent these types of apps in the first place.

Since 2015, the number of astrology-related brands has grown by 209%. Hell, in the last year alone it’s more than doubled.

Then we have the not-very-surprising vegan and plant-based products. As a vegetarian since 1996, I have to tell you this brings me SO much joy, seeing as my only option at the family BBQ is not longer bread with tomato sauce (which is absolutely delicious but not so filling). Anyway, I digress.

The point is health and wellness continue to be of huge importance and as such people are turning to plant-based diets. The number of design projects in this space has had a 20% increase year-on-year, and a 214% overall increase since 2015.

I may never have heard of ‘biohacking’, but seeing as the number of businesses in this sector are up by a huge 445% since 2015, I’d say a lot of other people have.

Basically, it’s a wide range of practices to improve physical and mental performance – think sleep tracking, IV hydration therapy and intermittent fasting. Which yeah, when you explain it like that, I absolutely have been involved in.

If you ever wanted to know my level of innocence, I read CBD businesses on the list and I was honestly like “aren’t most business in the CBD?”.

Of course most of you realised immediately we’re actually talking about weed-related products, made of the perfectly legal cannabidiol.

Since 2015, the number of businesses realising the potential of the CBD sector has increased by an absolutely massive 1568%. As the stigma around weed drops and public awareness of medicinal benefits increases, it seems that this is an industry showing no signs of slowing down.