Oi! You There! Want To Write For Us? Good, Because PEDESTRIAN.TV Is Looking For Freelancers

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

If you, like all of us here have at some point, harbour deep rooted desires to fly completely off the handle about politics or write the world’s thirstiest weather report, then this is the story for you.

PEDESTRIAN.TV, the very website you’re reading, is looking for freelancers to bolster our roster of casual and relief staff. Specifically, we’re after people who can jump online and help us out covering the daily news cycle on days where we need annual leave or holiday cover.

Much different to freelancers who want to pitch us one-off spicy takes and feature articles (we always want to hear from you too!), this time around we want to hear from folks who don’t mind getting down and dirty in the muck of regular news coverage.

If you know how to spot a story worth covering, are capable of writing and filing multiple quick hit news stories per day, and have some base-level experience with social media distribution and CMS’s, you’re our angel. You’re our darling angel.

Shifts will be sporadic and will be available on short notice, but you’ll get:

  1. Paid properly, on a full day rate (with tax and super all taken care of too).
  2. Bylines published on PEDESTRIAN.TV, which everyone’s saying is the season’s hottest accessory.
  3. A spicy meat-a-ball? Haven’t really thought this list through beyond the first two TBH.

If you’re keen to put your hand up, head on over to THIS OPEN FORM and send us your CV, some examples of your past work, and maybe a pitch or two.

If we like what we see, we’ll reach out to you for a chat.

Get amongst it, friends! Keen to meet you soon.