A Biz Has ‘Chopped’ The Big Mango In Half To Protest Ppl Not Paying Their Invoices On Time

Xero, the cloud-based accounting platform, has chopped Bowen’s Big Mango in half to protest invoices taking too bloody long to get paid. 

That’s right. Xero has halved a few of the “big things” around Australia (including Thornton’s big UGG boots) to visually show Aussies the effect of operating a small biz when invoices aren’t paid on time.

According to data from the cloud-based platform, almost half of all invoices owed to small businesses in 2021 were paid late. 10% of those were more than a month overdue. No one likes to receive half of what they’re entitled to, just like no one goes on a road trip to see half of an Australian icon.

And let me just say that as a freelancer, this stuff hurts. I mean, paying an invoice late? In this economy?? Every dollar counts when a box of cereal is nearly $10.

Late payments cost Australian small businesses $1.1 billion per year and are straight up irritating when people are trying their best to get by. 

Xero sees this and wants to change it. Thanks to its ‘Pay It, Don’t Delay It’ initiative, if a small business or self-employed freelancer is waiting on an outstanding payment, or if a company pays its invoices on time, they could win up to $2,000 cold, hard cash. 

There’s a prize pool of $150K for folks to win from and all you have to do is claim a rebate with proof of purchase, here

Basically, Xero is rewarding good behaviour from employers and business owners because sadly, the little guys need someone to back them. 

So fear not. The big mango is still intact but freelancers’ bank accounts are not, so please. Pay. People. On. Time.