What Aussies Actually Do When They’re Trying To Look Busy At Work

A Survey Reveals What Aussies Actually Think In Their Work Meetings

Good news to everyone who ever went into a meeting only pretending to give a shit: you weren’t the only one who found it to be a total waste of time. Deliveroo for Business took it on themselves to conduct a little survey on what Aussies actually do during the 8864 work meetings they’ll go to in their lifetime when they’re trying to look busy.

73% turn up with a pen and pad just so they look all busy and important, then 1/3 don’t actually say one single word once they get there.

Instead of listening or verbally engaging, 1 in 4 of you are sitting there working out what they need from the grocery store after work. I mean, same. At least this last one is still kind of productive?

13% have actually fallen asleep. My main question here is how do you pull that off without being noticed? You know those fake ‘awake’ glasses? That’s what I’m picturing.

like homer at jury duty

7% flirt with colleagues. Flirting you guys? During a work meeting? I don’t even know what to say except, outstanding.

Only 43.9% of the meetings attended are considered to actually be worth the time. Which if you’ve ever been to one of your meetings is probably no surprise to you. Nearly half of us prefer meetings that provide food…because, obviously.

To summarise, don’t be wasting my time with a meeting unless you also plan to feed me.