Bow Down To This Retail Worker Exacting The Perf Revenge On A Nightmare Customer


Retail workers around the globe have a new hero and her name is Sarah Bélanger Demaneuf. Many of us, like Sarah, have come across the occasional unnecessarily rude customer, you know, the ones who get mad at you for upholding workplace policies and basically just doing your job well? We’ve all wanted revenge on these people, but U.S. native Sarah actually got it in the most delightful way.

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According to Sarah, a “terrible woman” came into her workplace at the time, demanding further discounts on 50c Christmas decorations that weren’t going to happen until the next day. As we ex and current retail workers know, you’re just not allowed to give discounts ahead of time.

Apparently taking offence at Sarah doing her job, the woman snootily said she’d just come back and buy them the next day. Again, just doing her job, Sarah warns the woman there’s no guarantee they won’t sell out before then.

Doing that thing that some customers do, where they assume you doing your job and explaining how retail works is your personal vendetta against them like you could care less if they buy something or not, the woman has a snooty reply for Sarah:

There are 12 in the store. No one is going to buy all 12. I’ll get what I want, prepare to feel stupid tomorrow.

What happens next is pure genius. In a self-described “spiteful” yet enormously satisfying moment, Sarah BUYS ALL THE DECORATIONS FROM ALL STORES IN THE AREA. I am actually screaming. The hilarity and pure satisfaction of this is truly amazing.

As you can guess, the woman comes in the next day to discover all the decorations were gone. “The look on her face was worth every penny spent,” Sarah says.

I’ll bloody bet.

Cop the full story in the post below. Sarah, we salute you.