An Aussie Start-Up Will Clean And Make You Brekkie When You’re Hungover

When a quiet Friday night on the piss turns into a rowdy Friday night on the piss, which turns into your living situation being overrun by dozens of strangers, puddles of beer all over the floor, ciggie butts on every available surface and pangs of regret the next morning, it’s hard to know where to turn, or when you’ll sober up and stop vomiting long enough to make an attempt at a Maccas run.
Fortunately, there are some Aussie legends who feel your pain, and are here to help. A Perth-based company by the name of Hangover Helpers will sweep in like your beautiful, shining goddamn guardian angels to clean your house and make you breakfast while you lie very still and contemplate the decisions that brought you to this moment.

The service is currently available in Perth + Melbourne, but founder James Hookway hopes to keep it growing until eventually, no hungover soldier is left behind. The story of how it all got started will have you kicking yourself that you didn’t have the drive to do this ludicrously simple thing first:

I was hungover in bed with my wife, our house was a mess and we had no food and wanted someone to bring us breakfast in bed and clean the house. It was a bit of a pipe dream at first but after researching the industry and seeing the strong potential in the market, we decided to put this idea into action.

Hookway is hoping to build Hangover Helpers into a nation-wide brand. “We are a full-service party clean up company, but we like to think we offer an experience, not just a service. Sure, we clean your house, but we also bring breakfast and we genuinely want to know how good the party was,” he said.

Go forth and party, people.