Young Henrys’ New Winter Beer Comes In A Tinnie The Size Of Your Skull

According to the calendar, we’re headed into the cooler months (read: the two days that Sydney has “winter”, and then goes straight back to humid and hot again), and what’s better than tucking yourself in on a rainy and cold day with a nice silky dark beer.

Young Henrys have ignored the fact that it’s still definitely summery outside and has released its seasonal dark beer – a black porter aptly named Motorcycle Oil because it’s smooth yet bitey, and as dark as midnight on a moonless night. A real hopped-up American porter, this slick one.

Originally released as a very small batch last year, the porter’s back in black from May 18 to really wet your whistle while you’re hooning along on your hog (or your pushie that you’ve clipped a playing card to the spokes so it makes that classic motorbike sound – braaap!)

The best thing though? This bad boy comes in 500ml tins – the first time they’ve released a beer in a big ol’ tinnie. Yep. The size of your damn head.

The tins say this hoppy porter “reinforces lubrication” which I mean, lube me up matey. I’m such a sucker for a tasty dark beero – nothing like sucking down an oily boy in the dead of winter. Yum yum, give it to me.

To celebrate the release of the beer that’ll get the pistons of your heart pumping away, Newtown neighbours and motorcycle-lovers Rising Sun Workshop are running a very spesh ramen for the month of May – the ‘Darker Than Darkness‘ – and you can cop a lunchtime spesh of the delish noodle soupy dish with a schooey of the Motorcycle Oil porter for 25 big ones.

Young Henrys are releasing the dark beer in tins and their beloved growlers at selected grog shops across the nation, and it’ll be on tap at the Enmore brewhouse (and hopefully your local, too).