If you’re the kind of person whose Venn Diagram has you sitting in the middle of “loves a dark beer”, “froths on oysters” and “will shove face in the ocean” then the latest seasonal brew from Young Henrys is going to be extremely your shit.

It’s winter for a little while longer and the best thing to have in the cooler months is a heavy stout or porter, so the Newtown locals teamed up with the gang over at The Morrison to produce a syrupy, salty beer to celebrate the annual Oyster Festival, which runs for the month of August at the The Morrison.

Essentially the Young Henrys crew got incredibly shucked and brewed a dark stout with 40 whole oysters to really bring the saltiness of the ocean and crash it with the smoky, malty notes of the beer. It’s a real treat for your whole face and carries the very apt name of Captain Barnacle.

Sitting at a gentle and not-so-choppy 6%, the Captain Barnacle oyster stout is definitely enough to warm the cockles, but not enough to blow the barnacles off your hull.

The stout is only available at The Morrison during the festival, and Oscar and Stocko from the brewery will be holding a beer and oyster masterclass on August 14, because apparently, THOSE go together. Who would have thought it?

Image: The Morrison