YO MELBURNIANS: Deliveroo Is Slinging You $1 Meals For Today Only

Hope you’re hungry, bitches.
To celebrate the fast-approaching Tour de France, bicycle-powered food delivery service Deliveroo are slinging $1 meals to Melburnians for today only. 
Yahuh. $1 meals. One buckarooni for a yummy lunch. No delivery fee.
All the crowd favourites are on board too. 
They’re slinging prawn katsu sliders from Tokyo Tina, pizza from Laserpig and white chocolate and coconut cheesecake gelato w/ salted caramel swirls from Gelato Messina

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“Shut up and tell us how to get it already you freaking idiot!1!!!” I hear you frantically type, fingers slipping on the saliva that now covers your keyboard.
It works like this.
50 Deliveroo-ers will be riding through five Melbourne suburbs. 
One by one, they’ll move through Collingwood, Melbourne CBD, Port Melbourne, Prahran and Richmond (as well as some surrounding suburbs).
You can track the progress of these riders live via the Deliveroo FB page. Once you see that they’re in your hood, you can hit ’em up for your $1 feed.
But Jack be nimble and Jack be bloody quick – once they pass your suburb, your time’s up. 
Nom on, and good luck.

Photo: Tokyo Tina / Instagram.