The World’s Biggest Beer Run.

6 craft beers from 6 countries. BWS have partnered with PEDESTRIAN.TV on The World’s Biggest Beer Run to bring back the brews Australia voted for. Together, we'll go where no bottle shop has gone before, to create a limited edition 6-pack you won't find anywhere else on earth. The best part? You can get your hands on one by following the journey right here.


To ensure you watch this thing, we're even taking a celeb along for the ride. You'll probably recognise Tai from his role as 'Home & Away' spunk, Andy Barrett, or perhaps his time on 'Dancing With The Stars' rings a bell. Together with BWS beer enthusiast, Malcolm, they'll venture across the world and off the beaten track to some of the best breweries on the planet with one mission - bring back the the world's rarest six-pack.

We’re On A Mission To Create The Rarest 6-Pack In The World & Beery Me, We Need Your Help

As a craft beer lover, what is the most satisfying experience you can have? Sampling delish craft brews that no-one else you know has tried yet, obviously.

What if I told you that BWS and PEDESTRIAN.TV were scouring the world to bring you THE most exclusive of craft beer six-packs? That we’re even adventuring to some of the hardest-to-reach places so you can enjoy the best craft brews without having to leave your suburb? You’d get pretty bloody excited, I’ll bet.

This is exactly why we’re teaming up with Home & Away‘s Tai Hara and old mate Malcolm – there on behalf of your local BWS bottle-o – to go on an epic journey to six different countries and find the world’s absolute best craft beers worthy of inclusion.

Which, of course, begs the question – what kinda bloody beers will get included?

As any good mate knows, one does not simply go on a beer run without asking everyone what they’re into. No point bringing home the darkest of beers for a room full of pale ale drinkers, amiright?

Which is exactly why BWS have schwung up their own Instagram polls for their mates (aka, literally anyone of beer-drinking age around Australia). It’ll be popping up between your Insta Story viewing, so keep an eye out.

What floats your boat? The hoppy tang of an India Pale Ale? The easy drinkability of a lager? Or perhaps you enjoy the full-bodied flavour or a dark ale?

Then, of course, there is the huge choice of picking which six countries even produce the best craft beers. I’ve been around the world, mates, and I honestly couldn’t tell you which is my favourite for the brews. Each has a unique flair, perfect for all your beer moods.

However, not everyone agrees with my diplomatic approach. Let me just tell you, the debate is raging. All the more reason to have your say and help create the world’s rarest six-pack.

Here’s Your Chance To Win One Of The World’s Rarest 6-Packs ‘Cause We’re Nice Like That

Ever felt the delight of travelling overseas, sitting down in at a table in the sun, and experiencing a brand new brew? One that you’ve never seen at home before? Yes, this is 100% an IRL experience of mine. Of course, then you head home and never get to taste it again.

This is exactly why we’re teaming up with BWS, Home & Away‘s Tai Hara and old mate Malcolm – there on behalf of your local BWS bottle-o – for the most epic beer run of your lives.

As you can see below, no snow-capped mountain is too high, no valley with a sheer drop too low, etc etc. We will be going to the greatest of lengths to bring back the beer.

BWS knows you love craft beer as much as they do, so together we’ll create the world’s rarest six-pack, and even give you a chance to win one. Yup, a worldly craft beer lover’s delight right in the comfort of your own backyard. Bliss, amiright?

How? How do we win one of these delightful six-packs, you cry?

By checking in right here, at The World’s Biggest Beer Run hub. Each week we’ll share two new videos of your hosts running around two new countries on a mission to find the tastiest craft brew worthy of being in the six.

All you have to do is watch their antics then answer a simple question to be in the running. There are 20 to win altogether, so bookmark the page and get amongst it.

What’s the furthest you’ve travelled for beer?

We’re going 50,000km. That’s like flying a lap round the world. Then flying another 10,000km. Or like driving the coast of Australia four times. Yeah look, it’s a bit much. But it’s not called The World’s Biggest Beer Run for nothing now is it?

Enter below to get your hands on what we're bringing back—the rarest six pack on earth.

You can also follow the journey here from September 23rd.