The World’s Biggest Beer Run.

As a craft beer lover, what is the most satisfying experience you can have? Sampling delish craft brews that no-one else has tried yet. BWS is getting you a step closer by partnering with PEDESTRIAN.TV on the Worlds Biggest Beer Run to create a VERY limited edition six-pack that you literally can not find anywhere else in the world. To do so, they're going on an epic journey across six different countries to find the absolute best craft beers worthy of inclusion. The best part? Follow the journey right here for your chance to win one of these limited edition round-the-world six-packs for yourself.


To get this party started, we’ve paired up with a celeb and BWS beer enthusiast, Malcolm. You'll probably recognise Tai from his role as 'Home & Away' spunk, Andy Barrett, or perhaps his time on 'Dancing With The Stars' rings a bell. Together, they'll venture across the world and off the beaten track to some of the best breweries on the planet with one mission - bring back the the world's rarest six-pack.

Beer 6: Merida, Mexico

There’s A Beer In Mexico That Tastes Like Coriander Which Is The Best & Worst News Today

I’ve always been suspicious that Corona is to Mexicans what Foster’s is to Australians: every other country believes that it’s all we drink, but in reality, it’s rarely even stocked on our shelves.

And for that, I apologise for making the same assumption about Mexico. Perhaps they do froth a Corona, perhaps they don’t. I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to pretend that I’ve been to Mexico and that I know everything there is to know about foreign beer.

The good news is that I don’t have to lie too much, per se, as we did send beer-lover Malcolm and local celeb Tai Hara, to suss out the best beer Mexico has to offer as part of the World’s Biggest Beer Run.

Malcolm and Tai have been busy scouring six different countries for six different beers, which we’re using to create the world’s rarest six-pack.

That search led the boys to Mérida, often named the Cultural Capital of Yucatán. Not by me, I didn’t name anything, but apparently people who weren’t me voted on it.

There’s a good reason that Mérida was the primo destination to source a bev – the Patito Brewery serves an absolute cracker.

If you froth a Medium Blonde Ale that, according to ol’ mate Tai, has a citrusy, fruity aroma which tastes like coriander (controversial) and clove, you’re in luck.

While there are thousands of different lagers/stouts/ales available in Mexico, we’re after one that’s so unique to the country, they don’t even bloody sell it here in Australia.

I mean, if you’re basic as hell then you can just mosey on down to your nearest bottle shop and get a maybe-maybe-not authentic Mexican beer, but if you want to feel transported, you’re gonna need a Patito.

And I know it’s a big ask to suggest you have to fly out of the country just to feel superior to your basic friends, so if you want the world’s rarest six-pack – no joke, there’s a beer from Japan, Bhutan, Germany, Italy, Poland and Mexico in there – you can just enter the comp here.

The Brewery

This 100% Yucatan owned brewery has a cult following of passionate locals who clearly agree with brewing master Gerado Cárdenas idea that anytime is a good time for Patito - we were lucky to leave with an unopened bottle or two.

The Beer

An easy drinking Belgian Blonde that's point of difference is the fact that it's brewed from the mythological water of the Yucatan region - water the Mayans believed was a sacred gateway to the afterlife. So here's to good health.

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Beer 5: Padua, Italy

The #1 Thing To Try In Padua, The City That Helped Inspire ‘10 Things I Hate About You’

Pasta. Pizza. Tiramisu. Gelato. Calzone. Gnocchi. Meatballs. Bruschetta. Arancini.

Don’t mind me, I’m literally just writing out my regular weekly shopping list of carby deliciousness — all of which will likely be devoured in one setting because I’m a growing girl and I need some Italian sustenance, okay.

But I bet you think I’d wash that all down with a cheeky glass of vino — and mates, you’d be absolutely dead wrong. Don’t you feel foolish now?

Here’s why: as a result of BWS’ World’s Biggest Beer Run (where we sent BWS enthusiast/funny dude Malcolm and our “celebrity” Tai Hara gallivanting all over the world in search of the perfect, undiscovered six pack), a beer has surfaced to rival the vino you’ve come to expect.

That’s right, a beer. And where does it come from?


Oh I’m sorry, were you expecting one of the big three? Venice, Rome, Florence? WRONG! Padua is a city to the west of Venice, and it’s permanently engrained in my memory for two very important reasons.

  1. It’s the place that Shakespeare set his play ‘The Taming Of The Shrew’.
  2. It’s the name of the high school in the iconic film, ’10 Things I Hate About You’, which was adapted from Shakespeare’s play, ‘The Taming Of The Shrew’ (a starkly missed fact on Padua’s Wikipedia page, I must say).

As you can see, these very serious, scientific reasons for Padua becoming a permanent fixture of my memory are quite closely related. Tenuous? Maybe. Locked in forever? Absolutely.

For real though, one of Italy’s most innovative craft breweries is actually situated in Padua and it’s well worth the trip if you’re off on a cheeky Italian vacanza. It’s called CR/AK Brewery and Taproom, and it’s home to a bevvy that’ll change your weekly pizza night for good.

The bevvy in question is a Saison beer, and all you’ll see on the label is BRW01. Why? Because it’s brew numero uno, my pals. And it’s definitely earned that status because it’s packaged in five different whisky and rum barrels before it gets blended and poured into your bottle (and then into your mouth for some slurps).

The delicious orange-coloured bev is delicious, and yes, I want to get my hungry, hungry hands on it immediately.

In the meantime, I’m going to take the very beautifully delivered advice from Heath Ledger’s character, Patrick (above), and eat all that food with some cheeky beer to swish it down. Because I deserve what I want, okay?

You can check out the journey that the boys made in the vid — oh, and if you’re interested in the beer itself? Mates, whack your details in this competition form for a chance to score the ultimate global six-pack.

That’s right, every single beer the boys have sipped on their trip (from Bhutan to Padua and everywhere in between) could be yours if you pop in your info.

The Brewery

The dedicated and ambitious team of Italians at CRAK have only been going since 2015, but have already claimed their stake as Italy's go-to hot spot for craft beer - artfully combining both old and new ways of craft brewing.

The Beer

Aged for over seven months in a combination of 60% Scotch Whisky barrels and 40% Caroni Rum barrels means you'll never find two saisons that taste the same. Golden amber in colour with an aroma of burning peat on the nose, it's sure to be like nothing you've had before.

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Beer 4: Wroclaw, Poland

Please Immediately Add The City Of Wroclaw, Poland To Your Bucket List

ICYMI: as part of the World’s Biggest Beer Run, we’re hitting up six different countries to collect six craft beers (that you can’t get here in Oz) to produce the world’s rarest six-pack. Lotta sixes going on there, I don’t hate it.

Our Aussie ambassadors for the trip, beer frother Malcolm and Home And Away “star” Tai Hara, ventured to Wroclaw to track down another bev and I tell ya what, it looked immense.

I was initially quite unfamiliar with the Polish city and admittedly may have mistaken it for Warsaw (very different places, just FYI), but after some research, I can now boldly claim I know more about the place than anyone in the world.

That’s right – I know more about Wroclaw than Wroclaw residents themselves. I’m not afraid of angry Polish DMs, come at me.
Me making wild claims with zero merit

And while we could argue about who knows what until the krowy come home (that’s Polish for ‘cows’, I’m so cultured it’s insane), here are just a coupla reasons why you should drop everything and hit up Wroclaw.

The beer, obviously

Despite Poland’s reputation of being massive vodka fans, the European country actually churns out more beer. There are actual statistics behind this but I forget them and don’t care to search for them again.

So, while you’re in Wroclaw, it’d be rude not to hit up the Stu Mostow Brewery. They sell a killer Crumble Sour IPA that, I can tell you right now, is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

If you can’t get there any time soon, you can enter the comp here for the chance to win one of the Polish IPAs, along with five other beers from all over the world.

Hole-in-the-wall cafes

I’m a sucker for drinking a bev in random little cafes that you never knew existed.

Sure, it adds to the whole experience of exploring new countries and cities, but mainly I just do it so I can act surprised when someone says they’ve never heard of the place before.

“Oh, you’ve never been? You simply must. Just tell the bartender you know me and they’ll treat you like a king.” – My lying pompous ass to anyone who will listen.

Stunning sights

Look, if you’re anywhere in Europe, you’re bound to get lucky with the views.

That’s never been truer than when you’re in Wroclaw, though. I mean sure, there’s no Eiffel Tower and you can’t get a ~hilarious~ photo of you pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but just look at it.

It looks like a Polish version of Whoville where it’s just Christmas every day of the year. And as someone who loves both Christmas and The Grinch, I strongly approve.

You might see this guy shirtless

Self-explanatory, really.

The Brewery

This brewery's mission is to use beer to build bridges between people, cities and countries. We realised they were being metaphorical after it took us three flights, two train rides and a taxi to get there.

The Beer

Together with Wylan brewery, these Polish wizards have conjured up a sweet and sour IPA using peach and pineapple purée aged with roasted coconut flakes, hazelnuts and dry vanilla. Skip the main course and go straight to dessert.

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Beer 3: Bamberg, Germany

We Found A Beer Often Called “Liquid Bacon” And It’s Actual Heaven

I’m gonna bet that you’ve probably heard of Oktoberfest. If you’re a living, breathing, beer-drinking adult then it’s most likely on your boozy bucket list. Maybe you’ve already been. Maybe you’ve already donned some lederhosen alongside 400,000 other people and sank brewskis in true German style.

But did you know that there are other regions of Deutschland producing ripper beers? And did you know that we sent BWS staff member and all-round funny bloke Malcolm, as well as our “celebrity” Tai Hara, to Germany on the hunt for one such ripper beer?

That’s right, in the latest edition of the World’s Biggest Beer Run (where we and BWS, scour the globe for six rare craft beers not stocked anywhere in Australia in order to create the rarest six-pack known to (wo)man) we head to Bamberg, the land of steins, to chase down the elusive Schlenkerla, AKA, the perfect smokey bier (German flex).

If you’ve not heard of BAM-berg or the Schlenkerla, then sit down and buckle up your lederhosen, because you’re in for a malty treat. Bamberg is not only the beer capital of Germany (don’t @ me, the town has over 100 breweries, FACT) but it’s also UNESCO heritage-listed and situated right on the pretty shores of the River Regnitiz. So you can basically sink beers inside a fairytale.

The Schlenkerla is produced within 10 breweries of the same name and it’s often (well, has been at least once) referred to as ‘liquid bacon’. LIQUID BACON. Just like, take my money now. The Schlenkerla is all molasses in colour and hella smokey, thanks to the malt which has been roasted over an open fire. And you know it’s good because brewmaster, Mathias Trum, and his family have been making it for over 6 generations. That’s history in the brewing, friends.

You can check out Malcolm, Tai and Mathias’ shenanigans in the video.

If liquid bacon is up your alley, you can have a taste by entering our comp, which will send out 20 of the world’s rarest six-packs – including a stubby of Schlenkerla – to the winners. Do you even stein?

The Brewery

A stroll through Bamberg's Old town is about as close to time travel as you can get. And that's before you've even tasted its famous smoky beer that's been brewing the same way for over 500 years.

The Beer

One of the last traditional smoked beers in the world gets its flavour from the intense, aromatic smoke of beechwood logs exposed to the malt. When it comes to beers that are practically liquid bacon, we say smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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Beer 2: Paro, Bhutan

Introducing Bhutan: The Eastern Himalayan Kingdom With Beer That Rivals The Best

I’m hoping I’m not the only one who had to google Bhutan because I’m starting to feel very insecure about my geography knowledge right about now.

Located in the Eastern Himalayas in South Asia, Bhutan is a fiercely independent Buddhist Kingdom that’s considered one of the happiest places on earth – and not just because of the beer it makes, either. It’s so picturesque, it makes your usual tourist destinations look like utter garbage.

Thank god we’re doing a bit of a mission around the world too, otherwise I probably still wouldn’t have heard of it.

BWS and yours truly (PEDESTRIAN.TV) are currently on the World’s Biggest Beer Run, going to great lengths to create a six-pack of craft beers that you bet your bottom dollar you can’t find here in Australia.

After you guys voted on the IG polls, we sent our resident BWS staff member, funny bloke Malcolm, as well as our “celebrity” Tai Hara, to Paro, Bhutan to scope out beer from Bhutan’s most famous beer experts – Namgay Artisanal Brewery.

But mates, the journey there – let’s just talk about the journey.

Given Bhutan is literally in the mountains, you can’t exactly hail a cab to get there. Instead, you have to fly through a super narrow valley and hope the pilot knows how to land the plane without the assistance of airport navigation.

Hectic stuff.

Want to feel further from home than you ever have before? Then simply hop on a donkey and travel over 10,000 feet above sea level and you’ll forget that Australia even exists.

Now back to Namgay brewery: it’s there, and only there, that the Bhutan Red Rice lager is made.

My new adopted grandpa and owner of the brewery, Dorji, is in charge of overseeing the fermentation process which usually takes around 7-13 days to complete. After that, it’s sent out to the Kingdom for their enjoyment.

Problem is, Bhutan lager doesn’t get sent to Australia, but Malcolm and Tai ensured that would change.

Take a look at their travels in the video.

Just to clarify – no, each piece of red rice is not hand-picked from the fields. Ignore Tai.

If you want to try a Bhutan lager along with beer from five other countries (including Japan), click here, answer a quick question, register your details and 1 of 20 of the world’s rarest six-packs could be yours.

Beer and Bhutan – my two true loves.

The Brewery

We found this hidden gem 2,195m above sea level in Paro, which happens to be only 33m lower than Australia's highest mountain. Yep. Needless to say, it has a spectacular view and even better beer.

The Beer

The traditional lager is brewed with Bhutanese red rice, a staple served with pretty much every meal in Bhutan. So, along with a unique local twist, you'll get a clean hops character complemented by smooth malt, caramel and toffee flavours. Rice on.

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Beer 1: Osaka, Japan

We Scoured Japan Purely To Bring Back A Craft Brew You’ve Never Tried Before

Japan. You know it for the cherry blossoms, the kimonos, the Harajuku girls and just a whole lot of quirkiness. Now, you voted for getting to know its beers, and BWS went to great lengths to deliver.

In case you missed it, we’re on a mission with BWS, Home & Away‘s Tai Hara and beer fanatic Malcolm – there on behalf of your local BWS – to find the rarest and best craft beers from six countries around the world.

For the first stop on our journey, we travelled to Japan for THE best craft beer they had to offer so we could bring it back for Australia as part of the world’s rarest six-pack.

Boy, oh boy, did the team succeed.

They journeyed 7000 kilometres by plane and train, licked a fish, sung karaoke and shared an onsen with a beer expert to discover one of Japan’s most innovative and awarded craft breweries, Minoh Beer in Osaka.

The brewery has won all kinds of awards for their beers. Our mission had us making eyes with a delicious, bananary brew the likes of which you literally cannot find anywhere else in the world – the Minoh Weizen. Why did we pick this beer for the world’s rarest six-pack?

“Australia wanted us to bring back a fruity Japanese number,” explains Malcolm. So you’re welcome, Australia.

Curious how Minoh Beer concoct their unique and crafty brews? Check out the adventure below.

Like what you see? Same. BWS is giving you the chance to win one of the rarest six-packs on earth. Watch the video, then register your details, and answer the question here to enter.

The Brewery

We found this Osaka institution in a small suburb north of the city. Established by her father in 1997, head brewer, Kaori Oshita has a big smile and a strong belief that craft beer = local beer. Too right, Kaori.

The Beer

This gentle South German-style beer delivers a fruity banana bonanza to the nose and a crispy, refreshing flavour to the mouth. If you can’t find a spot next to a waterfall in a Japanese national park, at least try and find a sunny spot outside to drink this one.

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