We’re Giving Away The World’s Rarest 6 Pack So You Have A Convo-Starter At Your Next BBQ

World's Rarest 6 Pack

Well, that’s a wrap crew.

After travelling to six countries to source six beers you’ll never find Down Under, we’ve finally put together the rarest six-pack you ever did see.

We sent beer frother Malcolm and Home and Away‘s Tai Hara on the hectic journey, which saw them hit up Japan, Bhutan, Poland, Germany, Italy and Mexico to snag some locally-sourced bevs from each country.

Now, we didn’t do the World’s Biggest Beer Run for no reason – we want to give Aussies a taste of places you’ve only read about in books (see: magazines on the dentist’s coffee table), so enter your deets in the form above to cop a six-pack of your own.

Just to reiterate – you can’t just mosey on down to your local bottle shop to get these bevs. There’s a reason we’re calling it the rarest six-pack, after all.

This rare

Without further ado, here are the six (rare) bevs you’ll get if you win:

  • Poland: Stu Mostow – Crumble Sour IPA
  • Japan: Minoh Brewery – Weizen
  • Bhutan: Namgay Artisenal Brewery – Red Rice Lager
  • Mexico: Patito – Belgian Blonde Ale
  • Germany: Schlenkerla  – Echt Schlenkerla Rauchbier(AKA liquid bacon)
  • Italy: CR/AK Brewery – Barrel Aged Saison

You can also watch a little montage of the shenanigans Malcolm and Tai got up to below:

And be sure to check out the entire World’s Biggest Beer Run series right HERE.

Fingers crossed you’ll be taking a fancypants six-pack to your next BBQ.