2015, the year we lol’ed at Katy Perry’s left shark, debated if ‘the dress’ was black and blue or white and gold and danced to Hotline Bling for the very first time. It was also the year that Deliveroo arrived down under and made Netflix and Chill even tastier.


Since it’s inception, we have been blessed with the ability to scroll, order, eat and basically exist from that butt groove on the couch. So now that I have your attention, in celebration of Deliveroo’s 3rd trip around the sun, we’re giving you lot the chance to win their 1K Gold Card (that’s a $1000 dollarydoos voucher to use on sustenance.)

If you are anything like me, a basic bitch millennial who spends too much on food delivery apps, then this is really just a no-brainer. In fact, I know you lot are just like me. Imma throw some stats at you.

Did you know that one very hungry Sydney sider ordered $5,500 worth of Chinese food on the app?


“I’ll just put this on the business account..”

Or that the New South Welsh are crazy for Poke Bowls? Victorians are most likely to add extra guac. And that Canberra is obsessed with KFC (no comment.)

Over the last 3 years, Deliveroo riders have collectively travelled more than 22 million kilometres!!! I am not even kidding, that’s like halfway to Mars.


Basically, your Deliveroo guy bringing you your tasty snack.

Betcha you’d be surprised by how many calories they’ve clocked too. Just a casual 660 million calories. Guess you know how to burn off that grub once you burn through the card. A change in career perhaps?


Happy Birthday, Deliveroo. We ruv you.

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