Free Food Is All It Would Take For 2/3 Of You To Commit To Overtime

2/3s Of Aussies Would Work Overtime For Free Food, And Maybe Some Of These Other Things

Let’s be totally honest, there’s not a lot we wouldn’t do for free food. One time in high school a peer licked a freshly dumped bird poop (like, still squelchy) off a table after he was promised a chocolate bar if he did it. That’s a tad extreme, and also explains the fact that I care rather little for my high school reunion, BUT it does prove my point that we go kind of crazy when free food is involved, yes?

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So it’s not really surprising then that Deliveroo for Business discovered in their recent survey that 2 out of 3 workers would gladly put in an extra hour for a good free meal, with a really hungry 11% of you even willing to stay in the office an extra 4 hours. It’s also definitely not surprising that the majority of those peeps are Millennials aged between 18 and 24 years old because life is so damn expensive who can even afford food anymore?

I would not even question staying back late from time to time for a bit of free grub, seeing as most of us probably find ourselves staying back occasionally just because we’re good, responsible employees who care about our work. But could anything else be as motivating? Besides, ya know, being paid for it. From my own mini-and-totally-unofficial-survey, mostly it involves time off further down the track.

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I would 100% work 10 hours a day 4 days a week to have a 3 day weekend!
– Blake

I’d work overtime if my workplace held gym classes after work or something like that. Something to get me out of my chair and physical!
– Lucinda

I’d love to have summer hours where you work overtime through the week but finish at 2 pm on a Friday.
– Carmen

I’d stay late if anyone who stayed past 6 pm got a free Uber home.

I would do it in exchange for leniency and understanding around mental health days and working from home days etc. I know this because it’s actually what happens in my workplace already!
– Jose

For me, I think overtime pay. I probably wouldn’t work back for anything else regularly. However, I do think in any full-time job you have to expect that on some occasions, your workload isn’t done bang-on 5.30pm. When I’m working in a job I love for a company I believe in, I’m more likely to put in some overtime because I want my work to be exemplary and I want the business to succeed. However, I also don’t think it’s healthy if overtime is regular. If you can’t do your work in the allotted hours, for the most part, it’s either because you have terrible time management or your company needs to hire more staff.
– Mel

I would work overtime for free booze. If the boss said ‘please work a few extra hours and we’ll head to the pub afterwards’ then I’d definitely put in the extra work for the booze and also for the team bonding experience.
– Bob

If it wasn’t for free clothes and other products, I’d do it for extra time off down the line, so I’d basically be working time in lieu.
– Chantelle

I’d be in for the Flex time. I’m slowing coming around to the idea that I need to suck it up and work a boring job for the government so I can get me some of that flexxxx. Also the 13% super.
– Janine

I would work overtime if the hours translated into a day off in the future. So if I stay back and work an extra 3 hours one day, I’d add 3 hours onto overtime owed until I’d banked the equivalent of a full working day so I could have it off.
– Nic