Trump’s Ex-Driver Is Suing Him Over 3,300 Hours Of Alleged Unpaid Overtime

US President Donald Trump‘s longtime personal driver – a man who has carted the bulbous pile of congealed gravy around since the late 80s – is now suing him over alleged thousands upon thousands of hours of unpaid overtime.

Noel Cintron, who has served as Trump’s driver for a whopping 25 years, has filed suit against the President on a raft of wage theft-related claims, including the staggering charge that the Donald withheld or did not pay him for some 3,300 hours of forced overtime work.

The unpaid overtime is said to have occurred over the final six years of Cintron’s tenure as Trump’s driver – he is said to have worked for the Donald’s Organisation for around 30 years with the final 25 as his personal chauffeur; a role the Secret Service took over following the Presidential election.

In addition, Cintron is alleging that he only received pay increases on two occasions in the past 15 years. The second, and final, pay rise in 2010 was only offered to him if he also gave up his health insurance.

Cintron alleges that he was required to report to work at 7am every day, and was often made to work as much as 55 hours per week.

This lawsuit is the latest in a string of suits brought against the President and his organisations by former employees and suppliers, all of whom cite common grievances: that Trump wilfully underpaid or failed to pay compensation for services and work completed.

Trump’s Floridian golf resort was last year ordered to pay USD$32,000 to a paint supply company who alleged the President failed to pay for an order of paint that was used in resort renovations.

Cintron’s lawsuit is a little pricier than that, seeking some USD$200,000 in damages not only for the withheld backpay, but also for the allegation that the Trump Organisation failed to provide him with annual wage notices, which is required by New York state law.

You know what, I’m starting to think this Donald Trump guy might not be much good!