PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Vinomofo to give you some epic deals on wine.

Hello there, I’d like to speak to your internal bargain hunter about a very important, pressing matter. Yep, I need a word with the version of you who’ll shamelessly return an online order purely to repurchase it when it inevitably goes on sale the day after you finally decided to buy it. This is one for the thrift seekers. And in the lead up to Christmas — a notoriously spenny time of year — that’s probably all of us.

Between Thursday 26 and Sunday 29 November, Vinomofo will be slinging some of their best tipples for between 50% and 70% off, and you know what that means, team. It’s time to not only stock the home bar to last you through summer, it’s also a great time to get the Christmas shopping done for in-laws, aunties, uncles, and maybe even your boss if you’re feeling particularly generous.

The specifics are simple. Vinomofo only stocks good wine, so that’s no problem. In fact, they’re so sure you’ll enjoy whatever drop you choose that they have a 100% happiness guarantee (aka, free returns if you do awkwardly end up hating it).

Oh, and shipping will be completely free, site-wide, for the duration of the sale. All you’ve gotta do is click through to the Vinomofo site to register your interest ahead of time . . . or play it fast and loose and show up once the sale has started.

It goes without saying, but one thing PEDESTRIAN.TV and Vinomofo have in common is our love for wine, but we also like to lead long and happy lives, be good to the world, and the people in it. That means, we do our best to drink responsibly, in moderation, and we really hope you do too.

Image: Netflix