Iconic Australian Food TikToker Reveals & Ranks The Shittest Snacks Of 2023

Aussie foodie TikToker and former biscuit engineer Russell Stewart — famously known as Russ Eats on social media — has dropped his Stinker Awards for 2023 treats and I’m obsessed with the list he has curated.

If you absolutely froth foodie content, you might’ve come across a Russ Eats special. The Newcastle bloke has accumulated more than 175,500 TikTok followers and 5.6 million likes through his ultra-Aussie food-related videos.

One of my favourite series that he does on TikTok is The Junk Food Graveyard where he chats about classic snacks that don’t exist anymore.

Most recently, Russ dropped his Stinker Awards, a quick TikTok series where he ranks all the poo poo foods of the year. So with the new year rolling around, why don’t we take a gander and giggle at Russ’ extensive list?

In eighth place was the Monster Canned Coffee drinks. I’ve never tried but then again I’m not a Monster drinking gal. But if I were to jump on this brand of energy drink it would be because of this woman’s rant. IYKYK.

Following the Monster Coffee Can was Hungry Jack’s Boneless Fried Chicken Pieces in seventh, the new V drink in sixth, Vegemite Brownie (um what?) in fifth and Prime Energy Drinks — which people sold for ridiculous prices during cozzie livs — in fourth place.

In part two, Russ revealed his top three shittest products of the year. Coming in third was Fanta’s mystery-flavoured soda which was revealed to be Apple Strudel.

“It tasted like Gumption, you could clean your toilet with this shit,” Russ said, ranting on about the mystery-flavoured Fanta.

In second place were those cursed potato scallops (or potato cakes as some Aussies would call it) from Macca’s and in first place for the 2023 Stinker Awards was — drum roll please — the Coles’ Special Burger Sauce Hot Cross Buns!!!

I’ve never touched those abominations of a bun, but the thought of that texture of bread being mixed with a knockoff version of Big Mac sauce swirling in my mouth, amongst my precious taste buds, makes me sick.

My exact reaction (Image source: TikTok / @russ.eats)

I’d rather pull a Barry Keoghan in Saltburn and guzzle the *stuff* in the bathtub drain before taking a chomp of that.

(Image source: Prime Vide / Saltburn)

There are definitely times when I’ve disagreed with other people’s rankings and/or listicles — and of course, I’ve copped the same treatment for my rankings, such as my mega Barbie movie ranking — however, I believe Russ Eats was spot on with this year’s most questionable nommies.

Some users chucked in their two cents on the snacks, such as claiming they enjoyed the Fanta, cursed hot cross buns and dusty scallops, but most folks agreed with Russ’ gross food pyramid.

Can’t wait to see what food creations will be crossing our paths in 2024. Hopefully, this time around KFC will bring back the Krushers.

Specifically the choc mint and Gaytime ones.