The A-Z Of Ace Restaurants You Should Check Out In Sydney And Melbourne

As someone who is constantly hungry, I choose not to go anywhere without thoroughly scoping out where the good eats are. Doesn’t matter if I’ve just had lunch, doesn’t matter what time of day it is – I will absolutely be down for more.

I am the literal embodiment of Pippin’s “second breakfast” speech in Lord of the Rings.

Let it be said, I know what’s up, food-wise. And here we are, having collated a list of the A-Z restaurants across Sydney and Melbourne that will fill your tum. Plus, because I’m an excellent human who only recommends the best, pay with Liven at all the restaurants on the list and you can earn LVN (their very own cryptocurrency).

So earn rewards, fill your tum and indulge in some good ol’ east coast ambiance, coz these restaurants are pretty damn rock solid.

A – Araliya, MEL

If you’ve got a hankerin’ for Sri Lankan, first of all I salute you for the rhyme. But also, I reckon you should have a gander at Araliya in Melbourne – it’s got set menus for cute dates as well as big ol’ tasting menus for bigger affairs.

B – Biggie Smalls, MEL

I appreciate a good Biggie reference as much as the next person, but even putting that aside, the food here is pretty bloody good. We’re talking kebabs, we’re talking haloumi (yes, the most precious of all cheeses, don’t @ me) and more.

C – Chur Burger, SYD

Mates, these burgers. They are big. They are thick. They will have you sopping with juices after a single bite. And they won Sydney’s best burger after only being around for six weeks, so they probs know their stuff TBH.

D – Dumplings & Beer, SYD

I mean, I don’t really know what to tell you – it does what it says on the tin. Dumplings and beer. A combination the likes of which the world can only sink to our collective knees in thanks for, because nothing before has ever been quite so well matched.

E – Eat Fuh, SYD

If you’re one of those people who still don’t really know how to pronounce pho but also want to spend many nights guzzling it down, this place will sort you out – on both regards. Fuh. It’s easy once you see it, and delicious once you try it.

F – Fujitei Riverside Teppanyaki, MEL

I love a restaurant with physicality, so teppanyaki is my absolute jam. They’ll fling the food, and it’s totally fine and not at all a food fight because it’s MEANT to be like that. Plus it’s damn delicious and well worth squeezing just a little more in.

G – Genki Sushi, MEL

What list would be complete without a lil’ bit of sushi? Whether you’re keen on some regular delicious sushi, or maybe a maki roll – or even just straight up Japanese food – you’ve got it all covered here at Genki Sushi, so you’re welcome really.

H – Hobba, MEL

I hope you all appreciate how hard I am restraining myself from making a ‘hubba, hubba’ joke here. Hobba is in a renovated tyre factory and will give you a happy tummy all day, from pancakes to burgs and big mugs of coffee. Not bad at all.

I – Iris And The Secret Squirrel, MEL

This sounds like a mystery novel but is actually a very sweet little café with a garden out back where you can sit and nibble on Malay-inspired bites with your pals for just a good, wholesome time – and who are we to begrudge that?

J – Juno And May, MEL

Brunch by day, beer by night – don’t mind if I do. Pull up a booth in the luxe looking locale and you’ll be able to chow down on everything from the humble waffle to a serving of sautéed gnocchi, both accompanied by the right beverages of course.

K – Kurtosh, SYD

Whispers of Kurtosh are far reaching – and for good reason. This is the prime dessert spot, you’re going to absolutely want to try some Hungarian chimney cake – though we are not responsible for the fact that nothing will ever compare again afterwards.

L – Lord of the Fries, SYD

Raise your hand if you’re not partial to a good fry. See, no hands – great, we’re all on the same page. Fresh, crunchy fries and food that can be vegan, vegetarian, kosher and halal – depending on what it is you happen to be after. Yes please, milord.

M – Mr Crackles, SYD

Mr Crackles is, I’ll say it, a bona fide gentleman. Why? Because it is physically impossible to pop into Mr Crackles and emerge without being thoroughly full and satisfied in every way by their burgs and sliders. Just… Just so good.

N – NeNe Chicken, MEL

NeNe means “yes yes”, so I would like to say a big ol’ “NE” to this restaurant down in Melbourne. Marinated Korean fried chicken. Yes. Ne. Yeah. You can get it original, freaking hot, bulgogi, black sesame, and garlic. Personally, garlic is everything.

O – Ouroboros, SYD

This is the name of a mythological snake that eats its own tail, so we presume they’re in the business of keeping people well fed enough to avoid chowing down on their own limbs. It’s all whole foods, so you’ll be healthy and satisfied.

P – Paco’s Tacos, MEL

Again, I love a good rhyme. Also, I love a good taco. This place has both, so really I can’t ask for much more. Mexican food will always have a place in my heart, and thus Paco’s earns its place on this highly scientific and reliable list.

Q – QQ Tea, SYD

So, I get that technically drinks don’t reaaally make it as a restaurant, but Q is a tricky letter and frankly these teas are delicious. So I’m overruling all of you and making up my own damn rules. It goes on the list, end of story.

R – Royal Stacks, SYD

Fresh meat – literally. The burgs from Royal Stacks are all made with 100% Australian, pasture fed, GMO-free meat that is minced fresh every single day. I need one right now, and I will not rest until one is on my plate in front of me.

S – Salt Meats Cheese, SYD

Three of the most important elements of any meal, really. This place has the goods, and I would be absolutely disrespecting my heritage if I didn’t include an Italian restaurant on the list. This one has my seal of approval.

T – Three One 2 One, MEL

You know those massive shakes that everyone’s been posting on their Instagram? There’s a reasonable chance you’ve seen one of the shakes from here then. Add in some burgs and the fact that they regularly donate to rhinoceros conservation and I’m convinced.

U – Ume Burger, SYD

It amazes me that there are still folks out there who are yet to experience the taste sensation that is a Japanese burger – so we’re just going to have to rectify that immediately. Get on down to Ume burger and have some sake in my honour pls.

V – Village Crown, SYD

Sometimes all you want in this world is a hefty pub feed, and folks, you will get what you wish for. Village Crown serves a mean schnitty and will have you satisfied for less than a tenner – plus they have fairy floss martinis, so I live there now.

W – Welcome Thai, MEL

I have written this whole list on an empty stomach, and this listing has almost made me cave for a snack. Curry puffs, stir-fries, papaya ice cream, a curry or two – just givvus all of them. I came so far and I’m so sorely tempted. Wish my empty tum well.

X – Xeom, MEL

Okay, this place is massively Instagram-friendly so if you love Vietnamese food and a good piccy, you need to get here ASAP. There are motorbike hand basins, an open kitchen and some seriously good looking plates of food.

Y – Ya Souv, MEL

Greek food is my kryptonite, so just feed me directly from the kitchen and I will be happy. Ya Souv has souvlaki the likes of which you’ve never tried before. Plus they’re open for lunch and dinner every single day, so you can always rely on ’em.

Z – Ze Pickle, SYD

Getting down to the pointy end here – Ze Pickle is more than just a fun thing to say. The burgs are magnificently massive monstrosities and good lord, you may never need to eat again after you finish it off with an Oreogazm. Yes it is really called that.

0-9 – 8bit, SYD

Betcha didn’t think you’d get an extra bang for your buck here, but honourable mention has to go to 8bit as the number one numerical restaurant. Burgers and video games – doesn’t get much better than that folks.

And don’t forget, rock up to these places and pay with Liven to score yourself some LVN. So really, all I have to say is: you’re welcome. Don’t thank me too much, my rapidly-expanding stomach is matched only by my ego.

Excuse me while I go have some food now.