Pizza Hut Is Switching From Pepsi To Coke So Surely The Apocalypse Is Nigh

I tell you what, it’s bad enough that I’ve got to retrain my brain to remember that the cricket is on 7 and the tennis is on 9 for the first time in my life, now this bloody happens? Unimaginable scenes here, mates.

Pizza Hut has today announced a seismic shift in their Australian operations, with the house of pizz revealing they are defecting from Pepsi and, instead, running to the warm embrace of their chief cola rival Coke.

Again, I stress: Scenes. Absolute scenes.

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Coca-Cola Amatil confirmed this morning that they have signed a five-year deal with Pizza Hut that will see them supply all soft drink-related gear to the cheesy sauce bread company. It ends an eons-long relationship with Pepsi and represents an exact swap of drinks suppliers for Australia’s two biggest pizza purveyors.

Late last year Domino’s, a long-time Coke fiend, switched their drinks offerings over to the Pepsi family. Today’s announcement completes the rotational shift.

The new line of drinks will be rolled out across all of Pizza Hut’s 285 Australian stores over the coming weeks, with online and in-store ordering set to carry the full line of Coke products, including Fanta, Sprite, and Mount Franklin waters.

Coca-Cola Australian managing director Paul West proclaimed it as a big win for the company, which also recently inked supply deals with Red RoosterOporto, and Hungry Jack’s, stating “It means more Australians can enjoy a great beverage alongside a great pizza.

Pizza Hut is Coke! Domino’s is Pepsi! Up is down! Left is right!

The world’s gone mad! MAD, I tell you!