Folks Online Are Combining Pepsi With Milk To Make ‘Pilk’ ‘Cos Of A Lindsay Lohan Xmas Ad

I will never yuck anyone’s food yums. Eat what you like and enjoy! But I have to admit, I was a little dubious when I saw Lindsay Lohan‘s Christmas ad for Pepsi featuring “Pilk”. As you might guess, this is a combination of Pepsi and milk.

Luckily though, people on the internet are trying it out and sharing their reviews.

ICYMI, Pepsi released an ad featuring LiLo pouring a delicious, crisp can of Pepsi into a glass and then adding what I can only assume is full cream cows’ milk.

“Oooh, naughty,” Lohan said in the ad.

“Pepsi and milk. Pilk!”

Naughty indeed. Since the ad was released, it’s set the internet aflame.

Now a little bit of history: Lindsay is definitely not the first person to mix Pepsi with milk. In the 70s sitcom Laverne & Shirley, the titular Laverne (Penny Marshall) was known to drink the milky, fizzy situation. The more you know!

Over the years, I’m absolutely sure many people have tried out the combo of their own accord.

But with the beverage re-entering the zeitgeist with this marketing strategy from Pepsi, a bunch of TikTokers have been trying the drink for the first time.

And apparently it’s… good?

TikTokers Zachariah Porter (@zzzachariah) and Brooke Barry (@brookiebarry) both gave the drink pretty solid reviews.

“It’s like milky Pepsi. Because Pepsi’s already sweet, so it’s kind of like ice cream-y but not,” Porter said.

“Like a carbonated milkshake. I like it, I do!”

@zzzachariah Lindsay Lohan could sell me a used tire and I would give her a standing ovation 👏 #lindsaylohan #pepsi #pilk ♬ original sound – Zachariah

Okay, I’m kind of sold.

Barry was slightly less convinced.

“Whole milk right here. Straight from the cow,” she said, pouring a very, very large glass of the white stuff.

“It’s actually not bad,” she added after her first sip.

She used Pepsi Max instead of regular Pepsi — an elite choice — and added Pepsi to milk instead of vice versa. So maybe it’s all down to the order?

“Try it again with less milk. Put the Pepsi first,” one commenter suggested.

@brookiebarry I don’t know how to feel #pepsiandmilk #milkandpepsi #lindsaylohan #pepsi #milk #fyp #pilk ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

CNN anchor Ana Cabrera also tried out the bev live on air.

Now what I appreciate about her version is the quantity of ice in the glass. You’re going to want any milky drink to be ice-cold.

Cabrera compared it to a root beer float — another American concoction I’ll be forever intrigued by.

“Not for me,” she added.

Honestly, my main question is if this would work with soy, oat or almond milk.

After watching the reviews I am sorely tempted to try it out. Plus I genuinely adore red wine mixed with Diet Coke so hey, who am I to judge Pilk?

More beverage experimentation, I say!