Children of the 2000s, whip out your sleigh bells and cinnamon-scented candles because Lindsay Lohan‘s Netflix Christmas flick Falling for Christmas has landed and the reviews are… actually quite good?

If you’ve missed it, Falling for Christmas sees Lohan starring as a wealthy hotel heiress called Sierra who loses her memory after a skiing accident. She’s found by Jake (Chord Overstreet), who runs a struggling hotel. Yes, you fucking read that right: Sam from Glee is Lohan’s flannel-clad love interest. I’m sold.

According to the reviews, the film is your classic cheesy rom-com with a fairly predictable plot. Let’s be honest, you’re not getting the next Inception.

But there’s been almost unanimous praise for Lohan’s performance.

Collider’s reviewer Emma Kiely wrote that her “most pressing question” before watching the flick was if Lohan could still act.

“The answer, I’m happy to say, is yes. She still has that earnest style of comedy that reminded me of Cady Heron,” she wrote. 

But she still has the edge she used to perfection in Freaky Friday that tones down the sometimes completely overbearing sweetness of this film.”

The review said Falling for Christmas wasn’t necessarily a good film, but it is “an hour and a half of Christmas fun”. To be fair: that’s basically all I need from a Chrissie flick.

A bunch of the reviews were complementary of both Lohan and Overstreet — honestly, I’ve been waiting for the latter to have his big star moment since Glee. Reviewers had slightly different takes on the chemistry between the two leads though.

Digital Spy said the pair “don’t exactly have rip-roaring chemistry”.

“But there’s a sweet earnestness between them that carries their relationship through the mostly zippy 95-minute runtime.”

In contrast, The Daily Beast highlighted Overstreet and Lohan’s chemistry.

“Overstreet is a charming complement to Lohan, and the two actually manage to drum up something that’s pretty rare in this genre: sincere chemistry,” reviewer Coleman Spilde wrote. 

The Daily Beast (and other reviewers too) also pointed out Lohan’s comedic genius in the flick. Look, anyone who’s seen Mean Girls knows she can be fkn hilarious.

Lohan’s always-impressive comedy chops will certainly endear you,” The Daily Beast’s review said.

“She’s got a unique knack for understanding exactly the right physicality to make something hysterical, commanding the screen with as little effort as cracking an egg—which, for Sierra, is really hard. Lohan’s comedic timing is on point.

“It’s pure joy to watch her land one-liners again, like she never left.”

Why am I tearing up at a review of a Christmas film?

Similarly, Variety said Lindsay Lohan’s acting gave Sierra a “soulful sense of humour, vulnerability and verve”.

She’s hilarious when tasked to play completely insufferable, flexing her comedic muscularity when pratfalling over a Barcalounger or down a slick set of stairs. Yet she’s also delicately faceted when melancholic moments arise.”

There are some more pointedly negative reviews out there: The Guardian gave the film two stars out of five, but said “hopefully Lohan’s return will be the gift that keeps on giving”.

Plus she’s set to star in another Netflix rom-com called Irish Wish which I cannot wait for.

Highbrow film or not, Falling for Christmas is in the queue and my Sunday night plans are now sorted. To make matters more festive, Lindsay Lohan recorded a cover of “Jingle Bell Rock” for the film. It’s a Mean Girls reference you simply love to see.

Look, maybe the flick won’t blow your reindeer-printed socks off. But I’m excited to see Lindsay Lohan back in action, romancing a hot, be-flanneled Chord Overstreet and learning the true meaning of Christmas or whatever.

You can catch Falling for Christmas on Netflix now. Happy not-quite holidays!

Image: Netflix