As if you needed a reason to get on the grog before the socially-acceptable time of midday (10.30am if it’s a special occasion), you can now tuck into a jar of gin-spiked jam thanks to brain geniuses who thought to make a preserve to mildly pickle yourself with.

Gin Jam from Pinkster Gin has hit Aussie shops, and is made out of the leftover fruits after the distilling process of the brightly-coloured gin. Because that particular drop is made with mostly raspberries (and juniper, otherwise it is not a gin thank you very much), it’s a raspberry jam that pairs well with its boozy parent.

It’s apparently very mildly alcoholic, so go hell for leather when schmearing it on toast or a scone with some cream – hell, make a brandy cream to go with it. Lean right into getting a buzz on at the breakfast table.

The jars of spiked gin jam go for $9.99 a pop, and you can find ’em at your local Vintage Cellars or online over here. And if you’re looking for something to adorn your Christmas trifle with this year that’ll set nan off like a frog in a sock, Pinkster also sells boozy raspberries that are soaked in the gin by the jar, so pop one of those in your basket if you happen upon them.

Image: Pinkster Gin