Oporto Is Giving Away Free Bondi Burgers This Week So That’s Lunch Sorted

Sydney’s most beloved export Oporto, a chain of chook depository’s beloved with almost violent fervour by local residents and kind-of remembered by just about everyone else in the country, is bestowing blessings unto the chicken-starved workers of the nation this coming week, announcing a new campaign that will see them dish out Bondi Burgers for free like they’re running out of style for the remainder of the week.

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That’s not a trick, a flim-flam, a bamboozle, a gambit, a stratagem, or any form of hustle or hoodwink either. A Bondi Burger – and a double at that – for free. The catch? You have to be willing to show the boffins manning the Oporto’s social media feeds your regular boring-ass lunch first.

From tomorrow until Friday, Oporto is running a campaign they’re calling the “Fight Against Bland,” which will give people the opportunity to score a free burger in exchange for shaming themselves with their ordinary lunch choice.

The transaction goes thusly: You snap a pic of you boring, basic lunch, slide it into the Oporto Instagram DMs, and they’ll send you a code for a free burg in return. Devilishly easy. Devilishly delicious.

The catches: You’ve gotta be signed up for Oporto’s “Flame Rewards” program first. No membership, no free burger, apparently. A minor hurdle to clear in exchange for a $0 lunch, but.

The promo runs from tomorrow until Friday, and is good for one burger per member reward account. We’re not saying that you should make 100 boring lunches, create 100 different member accounts, and laugh all the way to the burger bank. But we’re also not not saying that either.

Might be time to trade up that pile of uninspiring leftovers for something a little more yum. Go on then. I reckon you deserve it.