Oi Burger Binches, Macca’s Is Bringing Back Two Of Your Cult Fave Burgs Tomorrow

Maccas Big Mac

Attention my burger loving binches, I have some very exciting news for you: Macca’s is bringing back two of its limited edition variations of the beloved Big Mac, and you only have a few weeks to stuff  ’em in your gobs.

Macca’s is bringing back both The Mac Jr and The Grand Mac *tomorrow* as part of its ongoing celebration for its 50th anniversary, and wow this really is the gift that keeps on giving.

“The Big Mac is one of our most popular menu items, loved by all for its fresh ingredients and iconic taste,” said McDonald’s Australia marketing manager, Amanda Nakad.

“What better way to commemorate 50 years of Macca’s in Australia, than to be able to bring back the entire Mac Family for a limited time and give our customers more of what they love.”

The Mac Jr. Look how cute it is!

Macca’s has definitely been delivering in terms of customer demand – just a few days ago, Maccas was slinging burgers for only 50c as part of their anniversary celebrations, and they sold out super quick because of course you fast food fiends couldn’t gobble them up quick enough.

“We are extremely proud to be celebrating 50 years of providing great tasting food and supporting our customers, people and communities in Australia,” Maccas Australia CEO Andrew Gregory said.

“We are firm believers in the quality and taste of Australian home grown produce and have always been and remain committed to our local suppliers and supporting more than 15,000 Aussie farmers annually.”

Maccas Grand Mac
The Grand Mac, also known by me personally as the daddy mac.

In case you are somehow not a Macca’s connoisseur, The Mac Jr is basically a mini Big Mac with one patty instead of two. It’s the bebe of the family, if you will.

The Grand Mac, however, is the daddy Big Mac, with 61% more beef. Which, like, is an incredibly specific number but I’m vibing the commitment to accuracy.

The limited edition burgers will be available from tomorrow onwards, and are only going to be available while stocks last, until August 3. And we know how wild everyone went for the 50c burgers, so get to it!