As someone whose childhood Easters were dominated by the cheapest possible supermarket chocolate eggs and bunnies, I use adulthood Easters as an excuse to splash out for the most lavish and insane chocolates I can get my grubby mitts on. I think Messina might have it covered this year.

The iced confection wizards are doing three varieties of gelato creme eggs, each about the size of a human fist (putting the theoretical size of the bird at somewhere between ‘cassowary’ and ‘velociraptor’). They’ll be offering up a passionfruit one made with white choc gelato in a dark choc shell, a mango one with cheesecake gelato in a caramel white choc shell, and a yellow peach one with vanilla gelato in a milk choc shell.

Marvel In Terrified Awe At The Gelato Eggs Messina Is Doing For EasterPictured: Surely illegal.

There’s a limited number of the eggs available, so you’ll need to order line (you can do that here). They cost $70 for the three, and you’ll need to pick ’em up from a Messina location near you some time between Thursday, March 29th and Sunday, April 1st. They advise that you get ’em home within 20 minutes because, y’know, they’re made of gelato.