Prep Yr Guts Melbourne, You Can Get 29-Cheese Gnocchi In Yr Gob Next Month

If you’re a fiend for the big cheese, then you’re going to wanna get down to South Yarra next month to tuck into a bowl of cheese gnocchi that features not one, not three, but TWENTY-NINE (!!!) cheeses in it. My mouth is watering but my guts are already hating me just thinking about it.

[jwplayer KWvldr41]

At Cucinetta on Murphy St, you can shove the fromage-heavy dish into your face in glee for a two-week stint from January 2 to January 15. Seriously, mates, Cucinetta have put up a list of all the cheesy goodness featured in the one bowl of cheese gnocchi and it sounds heart-stoppingly good.

Jesus Christmas, what is better than a stack of cheese? A record-attempt stack of cheese smothering little pillows of potato goodness, that’s what. Put. This. Cheese Gnocchi. In my mouth. Now.

In the molten glob of gooey brilliance, you’re looking at these bad boys from the team at That’s Amoré Cheese: fior di latte, buffalo mozzarella, burrata, scamorza bianca, caciotta, pepper caciotta, chilli caciotta, truffle caciotta, ricotta delicata, ricotta salata, mascarpone, squacquerone, buffalo bocconcini, buffalo ricotta, buffalo caciotta, smoked buffalo mozzarella, smoked bocconcini, smoked scamorza, smoked caciocavallo, diavoletto, Secret of The Forest, drunken buffalo, lavato, panettone, panettone with truffle, caciocavallo, bufalotto, blue cheese, and formaggio di vacca.

Yes, I am breathing heavily, and I’ll be damned if you aren’t too.

Now, there’s a few cheesy bois on there that I was like ??? what is that? So here’s a couple of them explained:

Caciotta is a fresh cow’s milk cheese with a soft rind, scamorza bianca is a fresh, semi-soft cow’s milk cheese that looks like a lil’ cheesy pear, squacquerone is uncured fresh cheese that’s super creamy and spreads easily, drunken buffalo is fresh buffalo cheese that’s been encased and cured for at least six months in Nebbiolo grape skin and residual wine yeast, and Secret of The Forest is a buffalo milk cheese mixed with winter truffle and matured in fresh hay for six months.

Footage of me with the Big Cheesy Gnocc.

Obviously, you’re 100% going to need to book in to get some serious one-on-one time with this big ol’ bowl of cheesy goodness, so I highly recommend you trot over to the Cucinetta website and give ’em a yell. The 29-cheese gnocchi will set you back $29.90 (worth it), and you can grab it between 12-4pm for lunch and from 5pm-late dailt.

Good luck, and godspeed with the almost-guaranteed cheesemares.