Brace Yr Buns Because US Burger Chain Five Guys Is Opening Its First Melbourne Joint Very Soon

five guys melbourne opening

Cult US burger chain — and my multiple burgie boyfriends — Five Guys is officially opening its third store in Australia. This time the fellas are bringing their delicious wares to Melbourne which suits me just fine thank you very much.

The first Victorian store follows the delicious success of two stores in the greater Sydney region — one in Penrith and the second in the CBD. It feels right that the highly-customisable menu is crossing state lines.

According to the fast food joint’s website, Five Guys will be swinging the doors open on its new red and white spot on August 8. You’ll find the shop right near Queens Bridge in Southbank, right near those massive red stairs by the Yarra.

Sorry but yes, you’ll have to brave a brief jaunt to the south side to wrap your lips around one of these bloody yum burgers.

Five Guys runs on a pretty simple base menu of burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and milkshakes. The delicious devil is in the details, though: the 15 toppings you can mix and match take the burgers from bleh to bloody brilliant.

Apparently, you can pull together a whopping 250,000 different burger variations with the essentially free toppings. Many people have shared their gastronomical creations and experiments to essentially build a Five Guys secret menu, of sorts.

There’s Barack Obama‘s fabled fave called The Presidential Burger which features tomato, jalapeños and mustard. There’s also a Patty Melt, a Burger Bowl, an Animal Style burger and a Veggie BLT. The possibilities are truly endless.

So hang onto your butts and guts Melbourne, the best five blokes you’ll ever meet are coming in red hot. I can’t wait for all my future hangovers to be nursed gently by a molten grilled cheese, some fresh chippies and a delicious post-mix Coke. Welcome to The Good City, my beloved Five Guys.