5 Meal Ideas Under $10 That Taste Gourmet As Hell With A Little Hot Sauce

Contributor: Louis Hanson

Whether it be those never-ending rent payments, looming uni debts, or that recent night out when you accidentally splashed a little too many dollar bills (yes, I see you), we can all relate to being a little strapped for cash.

In fact, put your hand up if you’ve ever felt victimised by the lack of funds in your account.

Unfortunately, our stomachs don’t always empathise with our current financial state – they want that boujee gourmet lifestyle, and they want it now.

Never fear, though – all hope is not lost! When purchasing cheapish, often-bland foods, one of the oldest tricks in the book is to drown the meal in tasty liquids to disguise the fact it’s, well, cheapish. Also, the presence of hot sauce makes everything taste nicer and inevitably sparks joy. Fact.

With this in mind, here are 5 meal ideas that cost under $10 and, thanks to the miracle that is hot sauce, will still taste exquisite on the palette.

Sweet Potato Fries

Let’s start off with a cute snack – sweet potato fries. Split your extravagant $10 budget down the middle, spending a fiver on cheap olive oil and another fiver on sweet potato. Cut up the sweet potato, bake them in some oil, add some salt and eventually dunk them in some hot sauce. DELISH.


Omelettes are handy for a number of reasons: they’re easy to make, random ingredients can be thrown into the mix and it won’t cost you your soul. Personal favourite ingredients to add to the omelette include spinach, capsicum, spring onion and cherry tomato. (I mean, probably not altogether, as that would equate to more than 10 bucks. Sorry team, but we’re on a budget). But, please, whatever you do, don’t be this guy. No-one likes an Arrogant Andy.

Arrogant Andy

Chicken & rice

All you need is a chicken fillet, soy sauce and rice. Or, if you’re vego, replace the fillet with broccolini and capsicum. Add the final touch of hot sauce, and you’re laughing.

The easy-to-make meal is also great one for folks, like myself, who are scared of the kitchen in its entirety and just want to survive the cooking experience.

Tofu and tomato pasta

Another hassle-free, spenny-free concoction? Try throwing some tofu and capsicum into a pan (with hot sauce, of course) and combine it with pastaBellissimo.


Okay, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t talk about food and hot sauce without throwing the all-compassing Aussie favourite into the mix – the classic sanga and bread. Literally the go-to meal for group situations when you want to chip in and buy bulk because you’re all quite poor.

Actually, on second thought, I’m not sorry at all.

Anyway, check out more of Frank’s saucy goodness for further inspo. They’ve got your back. Now, chow down on some budget, guilt-free foods and thank Frank’s later for its tastiness. Bon appétit, sis.