This Fro-Marg Festival Is Slinging Nerds & Fairy Bread Margaritas, So Porque No Los Dos?

margarita festival

I’ve never had any desire to move to Sydney, but I’m seriously considering it now because there’s a three-week-long frozen margarita festival hitting the city this month.


Sure, food festivals are great, music festivals are okay too, but will anything ever top Ritapalooza, the three-week-festival that is wholly dedicated to the beloved fro-marg? Absolutely not.

The event is run by the fro-marg kings at El Camino Cantina, who are slinging their signature giant slushie margaritas, as well as live music, cheap food and socially-distanced good times.

In addition to their usual classic, mango, strawberry and tropical-flavoured margs (which is already spoiling us for choice), they’re also slinging 15 brand spankin’ new flavours that are sure to hit you right in the nostalgia.

New flavours include fairy bread (iconic), Hubba Bubba and NERDS!!! Yes, a Nerd-flavoured fro-marg with actual nerds sprinkled on top. What more could you possibly want?

“Served frozen, it is grape flavoured, purple in appearance and served with Nerds – the tangy crunchiness of the candy complementing the sweet-sour Rita,” the description on the website reads.

Oh, you seriously wanted more? Well look no further because they’re also doing the best mashups we’ve seen since Glee by combining some of your favourite cocktails for a boozy fever dream.

Can’t decide between a mojito and a marg? Porque no los dos, baby? Porque no los dos.

The festival kicks off on Tuesday August 25, so it’d be quite rude not to grab your mates for a taco Tuesday hang.

If you’re keen to taste the bloody rainbow, you can get in early at 6pm for a $10 blind taste test. Basically, they serve up 6 different flavours and if you can guess them all correctly, you’re entered in the running for a Mexican Fiesta package that includes a 3-course meal and two hours of non-stop margies.

Alternatively, they’re slinging a Metre Rita, which, as the name suggests, is a metre-long paddle (like you get with beer tastings) filled with a whopping 13 margarita tasters. Sure, they’re only 50mL each, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

If you’re keen to get your marg on, you’ll have to make a booking on the website to secure your socially-distant spot.