A Margarita-Themed Hotel Room Just Opened Up On The Gold Coast So Gather The Marg Girlies

If you’re a margarita girlie like me, then I’m sure your Instagram is filled with pics that were captured by your besties after downing a marg or two. But doesn’t it suck when you’re confident (read: buzzed) enough to take a full-blown marg-induced photoshoot but the location isn’t as attractive as you’d like?

Well good news, because there’s a hotel stay tailored to margarita lovers that’s quite honestly the most ‘grammable hotel room I’ve ever seen.

Australia’s iconic The Pink Hotel Coolangatta is doin’ a margarita-inspired hotel room called The Herradura Hacienda from Mexico’s last tequila-producing Hacienda.

Basically they’ve transformed one of their rooms into a marg-lovers paradise for you and your fellow marg girlies to have a noice getaway, complete with your fave bev and the hotel’s lush lewk for those IG snaps.

Have a peek at the sick space below:

Oooooh. (Credit: Supplied)



During your stay, you’ll be treated to delish Herradura margaritas from the in-room bar as well as a range of Capi mixers for the blasphemous among your crew who don’t care for margs, so they can make other tequila-related bevs.

If ya can’t be farked making the margs yourself, you can add a one-hour bartender service to your booking. It is a vacation, after all.

You’ll also have your own disco room complete with disco balls and a record player for when the margs kick in and you feel like a boogie.

The room is ready for bookings, if you’re already hating the chilly weather and need a vacay, but ya gotta get in quick because it’s only available until June 4.