Lasagna Del Rey Is Melbourne’s Newest Carb Slab Slingers Delivering Right To Your Doorstep

Another lasagna delivery service has popped up in Melbourne, bringing servings of stacked pasta, tomatoey sauce, and bechamel to hungry punters in lockdowns across the southern city. The new Melb slab slinger is called Lasagna Del Rey, and we simply have to applaud that level of carb-based pun. Good onyas.

Lasagna Del Rey has been cobbled together by the teams at Melbourne good grub institutions The B.East and Ferdydurke (above Section 8 in the CBD) and is giving other beloved lasagna slingers a run for their money (and a little support as well, because we’re all in this together.)

The new pasta masters are dishing up hunks of vegan, chicken, and organic beef options, with a meal for two coming in at $25, or a full family feed for a very tidy $40.

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Lasagna Del Rey is also giving a new slice of life to a bunch of Melbourne hospo workers and the music industry family, getting a heap of people affected by COVID-19 shutdowns back into work in the kitchens and delivering meals to hungry Melburnians twice a week.

Now about the lasagnas themselves… well you better wash and dry your best stretchy eating pants because these sound incredible.

The classic beef lasagna is made with organic beef and smoked pork sugo, with a roast beef tallow bechamel, and a triple-cheese crust made from local caciotta, smoked scarmoze, and jack cheddar cheese. This just sounds like a cheeseburger with pasta in place of buns. I’m about it, and I wanna eat it with a side of pickles.

For plant-based pals, the vegan option is made with wild spinach pasta sheets, smoked eggplant, piquillo peppers, cavalo nero (yum kale) and Del Rey’s shiitake mushroom bolognese.

And finally, the wildcard. The rotisserie chook lasagna. I was dubious at first but after reading what’s inside, I can get around this chook lasag. It’s a low and slow slab made up of 12-hr brined slow roasted chook, garlic butter field mushrooms, pancetta crisps, and chargrilled cavalo nero. Yeah, I could get around that.

If you’re vibing a lasagna for dinner tonight, or every night this week if you really wanna, you can order a cheesy, carby slab over on the Lasagna Del Rey website. Responsible and safe pick-ups can be made at Skinner & Hackett in Carlton, The B.East in Brunswick East, and The B.East of Brunswick St in Fitzroy, and deliveries are on between 12-5pm on Wednesdays and Fridays.