Cult Melb Fave 1800-Lasagne Is Actually Opening Its Own Bar & Restaurant Really Bloody Soon

After working out of friends’ commercial kitchens and slinging the best lasagne in the country (yes, I’m calling it), the mastermind behind 1800-Lasagne is finally moving into his own place in Melbourne’s inner north in the next couple of months.

Owned and operated by Joey Kellock, the actual 1800-Lasagne restaurant will set up shop on High St in Thronbury, nestled into an old Italian restaurant’s digs. If there’s anything more perfectly fitting for a no-frills, no-fucking-around lasagne spot, I don’t wanna hear about it.

I mean just look at this place. The brown brick arches, the flecked polished concrete floor, the white walls. It radiates the energy of a chef’s kiss from Nonno.

1800-lasagne bar restaurant

Speaking with Broadsheet, Joey said that they’re keeping it pretty focused on the star of the whole shebang for now. That hefty lasagne with the thick bechamel layer you’ll definitely be telling your grandkids about.

“I don’t want to get drawn into having a full menu,” he said.

“The whole thing about doing lasagne and doing it well is that we keep it pretty simple…focus on doing every part of it as best as we can. If there are too many elements my head will explode and I won’t be able to cope.”

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I was lucky enough to lock myself in a spot at the recent dine-in collab that Joey did with Thank You bar in Collingwood, and I can tell you, having the infamous lasagne in an actual restaurant is such a different, and incredible, experience. Our lasagnes were still served up in the classic foil containers with the little insulated lids, and the chilli and parmesan in the little plastic containers on the side.

It seems like there’s not much change planned for the menu at the first physical 1800-Lasagne kitchen, either. Joey’s said that he’s considering including a salad, a dessert, and maybe a starter to sit alongside the veggie and meat options. The bar, however, will be healthily stocked with local and Italian wines, and a short cocktail list.

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There’s no confirmation on the actual name just yet, but I’m crossing my fingers it’ll just be ‘1800-Lasagne’, with Joey’s iconic sticker-slapped 1991 Barina out the front. Here’s hoping he gets a parking permit now so there are no more fines crammed under the windscreen wipers.

Joey Kellock’s 1800-Lasagne restaurant and bar is set to open sometime within the next six weeks, so we’ll let you know when the doors are gonna swing open.