KFC Is Now Selling Pizza Doubles, Two Pieces Of Chicken With My Nonna’s Tears In The Middle

kfc pizza double nonna

Mama mia friends, it looks like KFC is bringing back their delicious-as-cluck Doubles, but this time with a certain twist that I truly never thought I’d ever see in my lifetime, but alas, here we are. Pizza Doubles.

As my nonna would say: “what the fuck?” I think that translates to, “this looks kinda delicious”, but I never really learnt Italian.

Yep, as of *checks notes* today, KFC will be slinging the brand new Pizza Double, which includes two pieces of spicy Zinger chicken fillets (fkn YUM), with a slice of cheese, some herby pasta sauce and a slice of pepperoni slapped in the middle (fkn UM???).

I have no idea which Italian mafia member threatened the top dogs at KFC to make this, but here it is, the Italy x KFC crossover that nobody asked for but everyone will appreciate.

kfc pizza double

Even though the product is very clearly Italian, and I am very clearly a little Italian boy with dreams of sinking my teeth into a Pizza Double, I haven’t yet tried this beauty, but my non-Italian colleagues were all sent one in advance (rude) and told me all about it.

According to my good colleague Courtney, the Zinger chicken pieces have some healthy kick to them, which is always delish, and the sauce in the middle is a tomatoey, herby concoction. Nothing that you’d ever see from nonna’s kitchen, but still a fine imitation of an Italian pasta sauce.

The cheese is your standard cheese, and the pepperoni is just that… a slab of pepperoni between two chicken tenders. I mean, personally, it sounds like mouth-watering goodness, but if I gave this to my nonna she’d probably fling it across the room and say a prayer. You can’t please everyone y’know.

If you wanna get your hands on a delizioso Pizza Double, then you better hurry because they’ll only be available from September 7 to October 4. Also, you can get these bad boys delivered to your house directly via the KFC App only, so get to it bellas, bellos and theylissimos.

If you need me, I’ll be making sure my nonna never sees an image of this item while I scoff down about five for lunch.