KFC Japan Launch Low-Stench Fried Chicken Specifically For The Bus

Eating fast food on public transport is a morally reprehensible.

Just take, for example, this exposé of a man sucking off a succulent roast chook on a train, courtesy of premier meme dispensers, Brown Cardigan:

The video received over 100k views from disgruntled Australians, all shook by this brazen act of social defiance.

But really, can this man be blamed? Chicken is freaking delicious.

Japan KFC know this to be true and so they’ve introduced a strain of low-odour chicken to their menu, made specifically for eating in public.

A temporary KFC that’s popped up in the Shinjuku subway station in Tokyo for the month of December is selling two pieces of low-odor fried chicken for ¥500, the equivalent of around $5.80AUD. A small price to pay for common decency, really.

The officially name for the pride-protecting product roughly translates to ‘Fried Chicken Home Type’, which alludes to the fact that this meal has a subdued fragrance when you’re en-route home… It’s not till you pop it in the microwave that the perfume starts to waft out, unashamedly.

Innovative. And no doubt delicious.