A Sydney Bloke Has Set A New World Record After Chowing Down A Shit Ton Of Wings In 12 Minutes

A Sydney bloke has left the world stunned after devouring a shit ton of chicken wings in a US international eating competition.

Aussie competitive eater James Webb scored worldwide recognition after scoffing down 276 saucy chicken wings in 12 minutes during the Wing It On! US Chicken Wing Eating Championship at the National Buffalo Wings Festival last weekend. His ‘yuge accomplishment also set a new world record for the comp.

To be honest, if I were present, I’d join the contest just to indulge in those tangy, spicy-looking wings.

According to 9News, Webb smashed through 23 wings a minute and beat out big wigs in the competitive eating world like Joey Chestnut — who came second by devouring 240 wings — and Miki Sudo, who came third by gobbling 231 wings.

Sudo was defending her title from last year, where she won the comp after munching down 233 wings in 12 minutes.

“I was just trying to clean the bones as best I could,” Webb said after literally tasting victory.

As per Daily Mail Australia, the Sydney-based competitive eater focused on cleaning off all the meat from the wings as the leftovers are weighed after the competition to “safeguard against anyone getting an unfair advantage by leaving their wings have-eaten.”

Webb posted a highlight reel of the comp on his Instagram (@jwebby_can.eat), showing how “clean” his wings were in comparison to his competition.

“James Webb, however, is eating more cleanly than anyone else,” the competition MC George Shea announced whilst holding one of Webb’s chicken bones.

“Australian chicken wings are pretty scrawny so I always clean them to the bone. In America you get chunky wings and a lot of people don’t finish all the chicken,” Webb said, as per Daily Mail Australia.

“I’m not going to match a lot of those guys for speed but I can eat more than a ton of those guys.”

According to the Major League Eating website, alongside his newfound glory, Webb walked away with $5K.

With that cash shmoney, I think I’m going to reconsider my career options… But I’ll definitely need to figure out how it’ll impact the unavoidable pain, which is my IBS (sorry if too much information).

If a fairy floss or Nandos chicken competition opens up, you know where I am.

Image source: Instagram / @jwebby_can.eat and 9News