IKEA Is Dropping ‘Roo Balls’ For A Very Limited Time This Month

The best thing beyond getting horribly lost and confused in the depths of your local IKEA is the treat of having a cafeteria-style lunch afterwards, to reward yourself for managing to make it through the Swedish labyrinth without a) ending up in a huge argument with your partner/friend/parent/complete stranger and b) not buying everything you can get your hands on.

Good on you, go have a dollar hotdog and some CHOKLAD MÖRK.

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It was massive news when the flatpack lords released their Veggie Meatballs into stores, and now they’re stepping it up even further and plating up Kangaroo Meatballs or “Roo Balls” for a VERY limited time.

If you wanna be real fancy, they’re being paired with beetroot, shaved winter veggies, and a port wine jus. Sounds bloody delightful.

Look at all them balls. (Credit: IKEA Australia/Supplied.)

The Aussie-centric meatballs are being served up at IKEA’s Democratic Design Days from August 27-29 over at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. It’s a whole exhibition looking at the future of both IKEA furniture and the future of living in Australia – so you can wander around the curated spaces and get mad interior design envy because what the fuck why doesn’t MY house look like a perfect showroom????

Of an evening at the MCA, IKEA is popping up a replica of the actual IKEA Meatball Museum in the hometown of everyone’s beloved MALM – Älmhult Sweden – in the depths of the museum, as part of the first-ever Donate By Plate meatball restaurant.

IKEA’s finest ball-handlers will be slinging a range of meatballs and other ball-shaped treats including the famous chicken meatballs and veggie balls, as well as the limited edition roo balls, and a sneaky peek at the next line of balls coming to IKEA cafes next year – salmon balls.

IKEA Australia’s Food Manager, Ivana Frost, says that the roo ball is the perfect product to bring together the best of both Swedish and Aussie worlds.

At IKEA, we want to make great design accessible for the many people, but design at IKEA doesn’t stop at LACK tables and POANG armchairs. Our menu and food ranges are designed with our design principles in mind.

The Roo Ball was developed using sustainably sourced, high-quality kangaroo meat, which is a healthier alternative to other meats. We’re confident that we’ve created a new meatball that is truly delicious and, most importantly, can easily be recreated at home at an affordable price.

Tickets for the Donate By Plate restaurant dinners start at $20 from the Democratic Design Days site (or you can grab a pass to one of the free sessions and get a little taste of the roo balls there). All money from the restaurant dinners go to Foodbank.