We’re hurtling towards the warmer months, which means it’s nearly time to revert to your teen years and suck back a frozen bev or two on those bullshit-hot days. Those ratbags over at Hungry Jack’s have taken the humble frozen drink to yet another level of flavour-packed nostalgia: they’ve teamed up with the ultimate tongue tormenters, WARHEADS.

Ahh fuck, remember Warheads? Those little lollies you’d pop in your gob and try to not turn inside out over how sour they were? Well they’re back again in tiny form swirled through HJ’s frozen bevvies. Jesus take the wheel, I’ve got a date with a treat that’s gonna blow me backwards off my chair.

Hungry Jack’s new limited edition Bursties range includes little drops of Sour Watermelon and Sour Green Apple Warheads, which you get now get blended through your fave frozen drink from HJ’s. Or you can take it up a notch and completely knock your block off by adding the little Warheads Bursties to two returning sour flavours: Frozen Sour Grape and Frozen Sour Watermelon.

God, I have visceral memories of buying watermelon Warheads from the lolly shop as a kid and completely ruining my day in the best way possible. I don’t know about you but even thinking about it has my saliva glands working overtime.

Snapping back to right now, these limited edition sour sips are available in store and in drive-thru at your local Hungry Jack’s from today (Tuesday) and it’ll cost you an extra $1 to chuck those mouth-melting Warheads into your drink.

Godspeed, and may your tongue survive the sour sesh.