Hungry Jack’s Has Launched A Shade-Filled Ad About That Macca’s Lawsuit And Boy Is It Juicy

Two weeks ago, McDonald’s sued Hungry Jack’s for their deceptively familiar-looking Big Jack burger, on the grounds that it literally looked and tasted like a Big Mac. Now, Hungry Jack’s has clapped back, ushering in stage two of this fast feud.

Posted two days ago to Facebook, the official Hungry Jack’s page has shown off their new ad, which is packed full of tender, juicy shade.

Someone’s suing Hungry Jack’s,” opens the ad, which is honestly one of the most iconic ways to address a lawsuit.

“They reckon Aussie’s are confusing the Big Jack with some American burger… but the Big Jack’s clearly bigger, with 25% more Aussie beef, flame-grilled, with a barbecue taste, and you can only get the Big Jack at Hungry Jack’s.”

Lord almighty I need to lay down. Have a peep at the ad below.

In a document filed in court on August 28th, McDonald’s Asia Pacific claimed that the Big Jack trademark is “substantially identical with or deceptively similar” to that of the legendary Big Mac.

McDonald’s also says the Big Jack trademark “is liable to be cancelled, and should in the exercise of the court’s discretion be cancelled” on a number of grounds, including that it is “likely to deceive or cause confusion”.

The company is also seeking damages, interest and costs, as well as ordering their rival to absolutely destroy any and all promo material for their new burger from existence, from brochures to packages and even electronic menus.

Looks like old Jacky boy isn’t going down without a fight.

Popcorn at the ready folks.