Georgia Love Claimed Peanut Butter & Vegemite On Toast Is ‘Superior’ So Of Course I Tried It

vegemite peanut butter toast

The online world is full of hot takes and divisive comments, but make no mistake it’s always the food-related ones that will get everyone all riled up. Like a blessing from the Food Gods, we have been given a gastronomical take today from one Georgia Love, who says she enjoys Vegemite and peanut butter on toast.

First of all: what the fuck, my good bitch.

And secondly: I’m sorry what the fuck.

Georgia’s cursed toast combo was brought to light after comedian and writer Paul Verhoeven asked if peanut butter toast is an unusual snack – which it sure as shit isn’t.

Acknowledging it’s an unpopular opinion, Georgia said she believes that peanut butter and Vegemite together on toast is the “superior toast topping”, which has entirely thrown me for a spin.

What do you mean??? Sure, I’ve done peanut butter and honey, and peanut butter and jam, but not PB and Vegemite. That’s like dipping a toe into some bad food juju here. Peanut butter toast is a sweet option, and Vegemite is savoury. Should the two ever meet? I’m just not sure.

But, as the Resident Fucked Food Writer here at PEDESTRIAN.TV and someone who has previously dabbled in Forbidden Combos like chicken crimpys and taramasalata (trust me on that), I knew deep in my heart and guts that I simply had to put my mouth where my mouth is.

Three days into the work year for 2021 and I’m already putting my tongue on the line for the sake of content. We love to see it.

When pressed on the forbidden combo, Georgia said she puts just a bit of Vegemite on first, and then slathers on the PB. The end result is a salty, nutty, buttery taste sensation that I struggled to wrap my head around.

At least until I thought about how peanut butter can be savoury, because it’s the main star in satay sauce. But that’s a different ballgame to toast.

Popping some bread in the toaster, I mentally prepared myself for the flavour bomb that awaited my tastebuds. Buttery Nuttelex, Vegemite, and peanut butter.

peanut butter toastGod. [Image: Courtney Fry]

I started off with my regular Vegemite toast approach – plenty of butter and a reasonable scraping of that inky-black salty hangover cure.

vegemite toastAhh the perfect 2am post-pints snack. A saviour. [Image: Courtney Fry]

And then on went the peanut butter. Another generous serving, which kinda covered the Vegemite a bit but not completely. Started to feel a bit unsure at this point.

vegemite peanut butter toastHMMMM. [Image: Courtney Fry]

Then came the big taste test. Biting into it, there was a bit punch of the salty umami flavour from the Vegemite, mixed with a real creamy, nuttiness from both the peanut butter and the Nuttelex. Both of those flavours combined with the textural cronch from the toast was something my mouth wasn’t ready for.

But you know what? It fucken worked. It genuinely tasted bloody yum, and challenged my brain about how umami and peanut works together as a breakfast snack.

After telling my boyfriend about this forbidden combo, he said “oh I do that, but I drizzle a bit of honey on it for a sweet kick.”

Baffled, but not afraid of this new challenger, I went for it.

vegemite peanut butter toastYes, that is Vegemite, peanut butter *and* honey. [Image: Courtney Fry]

Goddammit, this worked too. The honey brought a delicate sweet stickiness to the whole shebang, and turned it into a real sweet-salty nutty buttery treat.

I’m furious, and I’m absolutely going to eat this again.