Folks, there was simply nothing as incredible as the moment when you showed up to someone’s birthday and there’s a towering plate of fairy bread. Or a teetering mound of chocolate crackles. Or, if your mate’s parents were feeling particularly generous, both of them on the same table. Now that’s a party you take back to the playground to gossip about on Monday.

Now that we’re older it’s kinda a bit faux pas to make a bunch of kids party treats (you’ll never bloody stop me though) so what’s the next best thing? Party snacks as dessert, clearly.

That’s exactly what Gelatissimo have done. The absolute maniacs have let themselves get on the mother of all sugar highs and decided to smash together some of the classic treats from our Aussie childhoods into fully-functioning adult human-friendly treats.

The Aussie Family Favourites range will land in your local Gelatissimo freezers from this Friday (November 29) and includes some frankly genious creations. Think Weetbix with honey and banana, choccy crackles, and the sacred party snack, fairy bread.

Gelatissimo Is Doing Fairy Bread Ice Cream Because It’s Always Yr 6th Birthday Somewhere
GIVE. US. (Image: Supplied)

Because any old dingus can chuck a bunch of 100s and 1000s in a bowl of vanilla ice cream, the gelato wizards over here have gone the extra mile and made theirs as a butter vanilla gelato, and mixed in 100s and 1000s and actual bits of toasted fairy bread to give it that extra crunch.

The Weetbix flav features a banana gelato with globs of Aussie wildflower honey and chunks of actual Weetbix, which I mean if banana is your jam then you’ll be in heaven there. I’ll respectfully pass because bananas are the worst and can get in the bin thanks.

Finally, the chocolate crackle is basically just a bowl of rich choccy gelato with clusters of the king of crunchy cereal treats. You simply cannot go wrong there, mates.

The flavs aren’t around for long but they’re a perfect entry into summer this year, so wrap your lips around one before they’re gone for good. Just like your childhood. Gone. Forever.