A Game-Changing Food App Has Launched In Syd & Is Giving Away Bulk Burgers

Are you fan of food? I mean, everyone’s automatically a fan of food because you need it to live, so really, this includes all of you. But let’s whittle it down a little – if you’re a fan of food and live in Sydney, raise your hand.

If you’ve got your hand up, good news, EatClub – the revolutionary app that swept through Melbourne – has launched here in Sydney.

If you haven’t already heard of EatClub, this is how it works. We all know restaurants have slow nights, right? Well, if you’re willing to fill those empty tables, you can get an awesome deal in the process – up to 50 per cent off your total bill, including drinks. Yep, including drinks.

In other words, if an establishment is having a quiet night, they can use EatClub’s real-time technology to send out a limited number of ‘last minute’ offers in order to fill seats, which users can redeem instantly. For restaurants, filling an empty table by offering a bit of a deal is better than no customer at all, so it’s win-bloody-win.

All deals are a straight percentage off the whole menu– so get whatever the hell you want.

In just a few months, EatClub has amassed an impressive 40,000 customers and over 300 restaurants in Melbourne, which has resulted in nothing short of absolute deliciousness all round.

The app’s founders include Pan Koutlakis, the ex-CEO of Foodora in Melbourne, and legendary celebrity chef, Marco Pierre White. Having mentored folks like Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal, not to mention regularly appearing on Masterchef Australia, I’d say the bloke knows a thing or two about running a dang restaurant.

Rather than ordering home-delivered food that ends up sitting in a plastic container on the back of a moped for far too long, EatClub encourages users to get out there and discover great new places to eat a fresh meal straight from the kitchen.

To get you started, EatClub is offering PEDESTRIAN.TV readers a further 20 per cent off any deal you redeem for the whole month. Just add the code, ‘Pedestrian’, after you redeem any deal on the platform. So if you, for example, redeemed an offer for 20 per cent off, it’ll become a tasty 40 per cent off.

To celebrate the Sydney launch of EatClub, the company is giving away 1,000 burgers from Chur Burger, Ze PickleSmall Bar, and Bangbang Cafe this week. Just open the app at 12pm each night, navigate to one of the mentioned restaurants on the interactive map and redeem your ‘Free Burger’ deal. For all the details, read more here.

If you’re keen to eat out more often for less cash, you can jump on the app from iTunes for iOS, or Google Play for Android devices right now. Bon appétit.