PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with EatClub to get some delicious offers straight to your hungry gob.

If there was ever a time that we needed some bloody good news, then today would be it. Consider me the food Santa because I’m about to drop an enormous gift down your chimney.

The guys over at EatClub are giving us the most epic of presents and honestly, it’s literally everything we’ve been craving.

Off the back of a successful February campaign, these foodies have teamed up with a whole heap of restaurants across Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, for an epic giveaway across two days  July 29 – 30. It’s called the FreeBs campaign because, well, the items you can redeem all start with a B. Clever, no?

During this time, new customers can redeem a free item from the thousands available via their app, including burgers, burritos, banh mi and a tonne of food that starts with B. It will be ready, set, eat, but there are only a limited number of FreeBs deals available each day, so you’ll have to be quick if you’re keen!

The FreeBs campaign was created to help our local industries which have been taking hit after hit since the beginning of 2020, so this is your chance to support your fave food joint while filling your tummy at the same time.

Here’s a list of where you can score a freebie:


  • Bento King
  • Burger Heaven
  • Capricho Grill (Richmond)
  • Roll’d CBW (*Friday Only)
  • Roll’d (Camberwell)
  • Roll’d (Melbourne Central)
  • Roll’d (Northland)
  • Salsa’s Fresh Mex (Collins Square)
  • Salsa’s Fresh Mex (Highpoint)
  • Short Straw
  • Sideshow Burgers (Rosanna)
  • Sideshow Burgers (South Yarra)
  • Sideshow Burgers (Vermont South)
  • Sideshow Burgers (Wantirna)
  • Tokio Brands (Malvern)
  • Tokio Brands (Richmond)


  • 5 Boroughs (Ascot)
  • 5 Boroughs (Stones Corner)
  • Burger Urge (Kelvin Grove)
  • Burrito Bar (Clayfield)
  • Gino’s Restaurant
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Manhattan Pizza
  • Roll’d (144 Edward St)
  • Roll’d (Garden City)
  • Roll’d (Queens Plaza)
  • Roll’d (Valley Metro)
  • Wilston Village Bar


  • Bombay Vintage (Brighton)
  • Bombay Vintage (Unley)
  • Burgastronomy (Hyde Park)
  • Burgastronomy (North Adelaide)
  • Burger Nation
  • Burgers n Shakes
  • Cafe 185
  • Cilantro Fresh Mexican
  • Crudo (North Terrace)
  • Hotel Longtime
  • Munchies (Para Hills)
  • Munchies (Prospect)
  • SOHO Coffee Roasters

If you’re only just learning about EatClub now, the app supports local restaurants across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and the Gold Coast by getting people back dining again by saving up to 50% off takeaway and dine-in. It’s perfect if you want to change up your fave venue, get some variety in your life or save some cashola. I’m in!

Download the app here and gets to eatin’.

Image: SNL