PEDESTRIAN.TV and EatClub have teamed up to give new users free grub throughout July. EatClub has worked hard alongside restaurants to seat more than 100,000 Aussies in restaurants, eating out at up to 50% off.

EatClub, I could kiss ya!

The food app that’s shaken up the restaurant industry has already changed my life in a big way. Sure, it can’t fix my love life or my tendency to lose my phone, but it has helped my social life quite a bit.

I know, I know. How can a food app help my social life? Simple really – EatClub is bloody hellbent on helping us food enthusiasts (which is everyone tbh, ~foodies~ aren’t special at all) get out and experience food in an actual, real-life restaurant without having to pay actual, real-life prices. This means that I can eat out with my m8s without having to give up a week’s worth of rent on the bill.

Basically, restaurants use EatClub when they’re wanting to fill some their spare seats, and the way they get butts in seats is to offer last-minute deals (up to 50% off including drinks), which is just swell for hungry folk like me looking to make an absolute night of it.

If you wanna start eating out like a rich man on a poor man’s budget, download the EatClub app for free and scope out your nearest restaurants. As a bonus, EatClub is flogging FREE MEALS at select restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney for the rest of July. Yep, all you need to cop a free meal is to be a new user – that’s legit it.

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Follow the steps here and you’re on your way to fancy, free food:

1. Download the EatClub app
2. Locate your profile (top left)
3. Click on ‘Add Referral Code’
4. Use the code ‘PTV’
5. Bam, free meal city.

Side note: Check out EatClub’s blog for more deets.

Sydney folk will be able to choose from bangin’ restaurants like Chur Burger, Ze Pickle, Loaded by BL and Ben & Jerry’s, while Melburnians can head to joints like Nosh, Evie’s Disco Diner, Three One 2 One, Xeom and Homeslice Pizza. That’s a serious goddamn smorgasbord of restaurants, y’all!

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If you miss out on the July deadline, you should still defo get on the EatClub bandwagon – you can hang out with your mates (dates? parents?) on a shoestring budget at seriously primo restaurants. I know, the idea of human interaction is daunting but the promise of food is so, so worth it.

It helps that top-hatted restaurants like Rockpool and Ormeggio Groups use the app as you know you’re gonna cop some seriously decent food.

T&Cs apply.

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