Remember all-you-can-eat dine-in pizza joints? The shining, golden beacons of your youth? Havens to excessive stuffing of faces, endless dessert bar antics, and pristine salads left entirely untouched for entire shifts.

They were everything you strived to get to as a kid. And so naturally an adult equivalent of that could never be a bad idea.

While the kids version has largely gone the way of Sizzler and Bi-Lo, the adult version is apparently about to roar its way into our hearts and minds, bringing with it all the glory of days gone by but with the added grown-up twist of “being a bit fancier, and also there’s booze there.”

Domino’s Pizza, the unstoppable machine of pizzy innovation that they are these days, is set to take on yet another grand experiment in the form of a fancied-up sit-down restaurant in the middle of the Brisbane CBD.

The store, a first for Australia, will tackle consumer’s increased demand for gourmet tucker head-on by offering pizza made from hand-stretched dough and barista-made coffee, not at all unlike that much beloved Italian pizzeria you all definitely went to before and remember.

The company has also partnered up with Newstead Brewing Co. to stock the place to the gills with delicious craft bevingtons, pending the approval of a liquor license at the premises.

If the concept store is successful, the company has plans to implement other, similar stores in high profile inner-city locations, according to chief executive of Domino’s Australian and NZ operations Nick Knight.

“We are keen to roll out further new stores based on this concept in select high foot traffic locations in the not too distant future.”

At the end of the day, though, when it comes to Italian sauce-bread food-stuffs, the equation isn’t that difficult.

Domino’s Is Going Super Fancy With An Eat-In Restaurant Slingin’ Up Booze

People, in that regard, ain’t exactly too hard to read.