In incredibly good news for the guts of Sydneysiders, a restaurant in the eastern suburbs is chucking a deeply-unholy and utterly sinful dish to its menu this week – a Big Mac risotto.

Made famous by Ryan Clift over at Tippling Club in Singapore, the insane-looking and sounding dish will land on the menu at Estate in Coogee this week for a very limited time.

I mean, just look at it.

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Lucky for us, Ryan shared his super secret recipe with Matt Butcher over here in Australia, so we may graze upon the wondrous creation that is a chonky dirty Big Mac burgie but in a bougie risotto form.

Now before you all go tearing down to Coogee to inhale yourself a plate of this cheesy, pickley goodness, here’s the ins and outs of it all.

The Big Mac risotto will be flying out of the kitchen from sometime this week, when Estate reveals its spring menu. It’ll set you back a tidy $26 a pop, and it’s only hanging around for two months, so make plans to get there sooner rather than later.

What’s involved? Well, there’s a secret sauce recipe going on in the risotto base (where the secrets are kept), which is then topped with waygu beef and a layer of homemade cheese. Alarmingly, they also fold lettuce through the risotto for a bit of freshness and crunch, and the whole thing is topped with fermented cucumber pickles, dill, and sesame seeds.

And no matter how much you twist their arm, they’re not going to tell you the secret ingredients – but it’s in the mustard, apparently.

“The base tastes exactly like you’re eating a Big Mac,” Ryan said.

“This comes from the secret sauce recipe that we use that we actually fluked making from the original Big Mac sauce recipe. The key to it is using a specific mustard but that’s a secret so we’re not going to reveal what that is.”

Honestly, I don’t care if they don’t want to tell me. I just want someone to express post a tub of this insan Big Mac risotto yums down to me in Melbourne ASAP.

Image: Instagram / @chefryanclift / Easy A