Remain Calm, But Australia Could Suffer An Avocado Shortage This Summer

Through no fault of their own, avocados have picked up a pretty terrible connotation. A cavalcade of breathless takes on the likelihood of young Australians shelling out for expensive avo dishes has leant them the status of a luxury item, indicative of expendable income and a growing cultural divide between homeowners and everyone else.

But, while columnists and real estate developers have been preaching about the green bumpy boys, avocado enthusiasts may now be facing a far more pressing concern: a legitimate shortage of the blessed brunch ingredient.

That’s the shit.

The Australian reports that a massive uptick in local avocado consumption could see stocks dwindle over the summer months, with the very real possibility of retailers and restaurants seeking stocks from New Zealand to bolster production from homegrown sources. According to The Oz, 20,000 tonnes of the multipurpose fruit could come our way courtesy of our Kiwi neighbours.

That’s in large part due to a continually rising appetite for avos, as Australian consumption has bloody well doubled in the past decade: as it stands, the average Aussie is now packing away 3.5 kilograms of the good stuff annually, which is roughly equivalent to half an avocado weekly. Local suppliers are still unable to keep up, and it’ll take a few years for plantations out west to mature.

Should that avopocalypse come to pass, expect to be forking out a lil’ more than 2 for $5 at your supermarket of choice. That excess still won’t be the reason you can’t afford a house, but hey.