The Avo Drought Is So Far Over That Wasteful ‘Avocado Shapes’ Are A Thing

If you’ve been to brunch with a mate and not taken a snap of your meal and posted it on Instagram before chowing down, you’re living in a parallel universe. Please tell us where it is.
Now that the genuinely concerning avocado drought has ceased, bored creative people across the photo-sharing app are taking brunch shots to the next level, and fingering their green gnosh into roses.

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Here it is next to a daffodil. Because flowers.

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Here it is, atop a bowl of soil.

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Avocado, waffles, asparagus and egg. Okay! 

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Colour scheme is nice here.

And if you like wanking at your own reflection, you’ll love this avocado rose stylised as the literal icon of Instagram.

Here’s a demo of how to make it here, because, let’s be honest, you’re going to:

And the folk of the ‘Gram are seemingly very impressed:

We can’t answer that, these_are_moments. We just can’t answer that for you.
No word on when the putzier version of the ubiquitous smashed avo will overrun cafes Australia-wide – but we hope it isn’t any time soon.

Photo: @real_simple / Instagram.
Story: FOOD52.